merpdityyy kaiden is a simple cali ginger girl. untill one boy comes to her senses possibly the boy of her dreams.. what she doesnt know is that her life might be in danger also possibly the ones she loves the most
~~~~~~~~~~~this is mii first ever story i hope you like it enjoy


6. no i'm fine i swear



   ~kaiden pov~

     today zayn was gonna introduce me to the boys finally out of 5 years "hey babe" zayn stands and watches me put my make up on he grabs my arm and squeezes it really hard "ow zayn goshh" i pull my arm back leaving a red mark from his tight palm i grab my stuff from the vanity zayn outside waiting in the car i open the door plopp my self in the car. zayn puts his hand on my lap i ignore him and look straight out the window to the hot rainy day. I look back to my arm the red mark was turning purple  was getting pretty worried would anyone see or ask what do i do i thought as we pulled up to the big house i open the door stumbling out the car i skip up the cement stairs in the big house zayn opens the door i skip in to find 5 boys all over the living room zayn squeezes my waist while pulling me i try to slip out of his grip i smile while wincing in pain "hey lads" zayn shuts down the silence  i finally breathe as he lets go off my bruised hips i see a blond boy with blue ocean eyes walk towards me with a sandwich "hi im niall" he says with a mouthfull of ham "im kaiden" i chuckle at niall as a boy jumps on him with big brown hair and green orbs  i step back "hi im harry" he smile's cheekily at me taking a bite out of niall sandwich  "thats kaiden" niall whispers to harry i see nialls eyes traveling my body. His pleasured face turns into a questioned face "whats that?" he asked worried "oh nothing i hit my arm on the door coming in here nothing" i replied it was really zayns hand squeezing my arm. "Hi im liam" a nice boy taps my shoulder "and this is louis so your are the famous kaiden zayn told us a million things about you day and night" liam starts to inform me i blush as he tells me a see somebody walking around ame forming a circle inspecting me "im louis and you are not that bad" he replies "thanks i guess" i say creeped out i feel a tight grip on my arm i look back its zayn "here comes the pain" i thought as the grip got tighter "umm i have to go to the bathroom" i yell out "its down the hall" harry points out i pull my arm back and walk off to the bathroom in pain i lock myself in the bathroom  i stand in front of the mirror and pull up my shirt to see my bruised waist my eyes start to tear i try not to make sound i grab some tissues wipe my eyeliner from dripping i walk out the bathroom with red eyes and a puffy face niall saw me as he was passing bye " are you okay"he asked worried "nothing " i lie "are you sure" he ask "im fine i swear nothing wrong here" i reply i hop off to the living room where everyone was sitting "hey kaiden we are gonna eat out is that ok" harry says to me i nod "yea sure why not" i walk out to the car "hey can i go with kaiden.......and zayn?" niall yelled out "yea come on"  zayn replied i walk out to the car almost tripping down the stairs my shirt flew up as niall catched me revealing my bruises i pull my shirt down as fast as possible "oh shit niall probably saw my bruises uh..." i thought "thanks" i said plopping myself in to the car i look over to zayn he has the maddest face possible "sorry" i whisper as quietly as possible..

     hiyayayaya liking my story more to come~~~~ linette cepeda~~~~~*.^


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