merpdityyy kaiden is a simple cali ginger girl. untill one boy comes to her senses possibly the boy of her dreams.. what she doesnt know is that her life might be in danger also possibly the ones she loves the most
~~~~~~~~~~~this is mii first ever story i hope you like it enjoy


1. life so far

 hi im kaiden i said to the hottest most cutest guy ever zayn malik " hi im zayn " he replied "yea i kinda know " i blushed a little "KAIDEN KAIDEN KAIDEN !!!!!! " charlotte yelled across the hall "whos the cutie" she yelled as she walked closer "charlotte!!!" i yelled while blushing "nah its ok i get that all the time" he helped out. As the bell rang "shit "i  thought "well ill see you later right?" "yea of course bye" i brushed by him "oohhh what was that i saw.......flirting!!!!" charlotte bugged "sssshhh" i say its been along time I've gone into dating my last boyfriend dumped me for another girl he lied straight to my face when he said i love you. "what class are you going to now probably zayn's there yay" "you bug way too much and im going to chemistry" "ooh you and zayn have chemistry ha ha" she joked "and i got that class " she looked confused. i step into class, "Ms.scott you're late" the teacher called out "sorry" i said as i walked to the back of the class with Charlotte then suddenly he caught my eye Zayn was transfered into this class "whoops" Charlotte looked over at me"shut up "i whisper from across the class i drown out the lesson and start doodling in my note book "Kaiden Malik" over and over .

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