merpdityyy kaiden is a simple cali ginger girl. untill one boy comes to her senses possibly the boy of her dreams.. what she doesnt know is that her life might be in danger also possibly the ones she loves the most
~~~~~~~~~~~this is mii first ever story i hope you like it enjoy


5. 5 years later

       ZAYN GET OFF OF ME!!!!! zayn forcibly pins me down to my bed i slid under his tight arms "THIS IS NOT THE ZAYN MALIK I  FELL IN LOVE WITH!!!" i ran out the room in tears to the bathroom *knock knock* "go away!!!! i yell "look im sorry i dont know whats got in me  i just dont what you to leave my arms" he apologizes i unlock the door to his sad face i tuck my head in his chest he  pushes my hair to the side he grabs my chin and pushes my head up and puts his soft lips on still kissing we tumble on to the bed  he pulls of my shirt i start to unbutton his shirt he starts kissing my neck getting lower and lower i clench the blankets in my palm he comes up to my face kissing me  

   ~next morning~

   morning beautiful zayn  kisses my nose i throw my legs over his body i get up stumbling putting my robe on "hey want me to help you downstairs" he asked worried  "no im ok" i said with my weak legs i start to fall zayn runs out of my while putting on boxers he grabs me helps me downstairs "wait where are my parents?" i asked i look in the fridge where there is a note on a can of arizona my parent know me well it stated

  "hi honey me and your mom are at your aunts house she has the flu im sorry it was short noticed we will be back as soon as possible" "alright dad" i answer the  paper zayn looks at me cheekily smiling "oh no no party please no party" i walk past zayn "oh come on" zayn begg



srry for the short chapters lately i make it up to u *.* <3 ~~~~~~~~ 



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