Who Are You? {Niall Horan}

"Do you remember me?" He asked cautiously.
"No." I whispered.
If only I did remember, maybe the the tears wouldn't have trickled down his cheeks.


1. Prologue



Lilliana smiled as she listened to the soft, melodious strum of the brunette boy's guitar.

"Sing me a song," she whispered in a soft tone to the boy.

"Your favorite?" he asked in his strong Irish accent, although he obviously knew the answer.

"As always," she smiled at him.
The brunette strummed the first chords.

Lilliana closed her eyes, and listened to the beautiful voice and guitar harmonize. His voice was pure bliss, like how you would imagine running through a cloud, feeling the shivers on your arms from the cool, refreshing feel.

The song ended and Lilliana opened her eyes and looked at the boy. The brunette's crystal blue eyes were staring right at her. He smiled at her, with his adorable crooked teeth showing.

"Goodbye, Lilliana... Please don't forget me..." he whispered as his smile turned into a frown. "Don't forget the memories we shared, don't forget our song, and don't forget my name..."


(Present Day)

I woke up almost in tears.

Was that a memory or simply a dream?

I can't remember.

I can't remember anything from when I was eight and younger.

Brunette boy. Blue eyes. Irish accent. Crooked teeth.

Did I ever meet someone like that?

I tried thinking back into my earliest memories I could remember and, as always, I got a massive headache.

Brunette boy. Blue eyes. Irish accent. Crooked teeth.

Are you real? Or are you just my fantasy?

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