Who Are You? {Niall Horan}

"Do you remember me?" He asked cautiously.
"No." I whispered.
If only I did remember, maybe the the tears wouldn't have trickled down his cheeks.


2. Chapter One - Photographs, Blocked Numbers & Starbucks


Chapter One - Photographs, Blocked Numbers & Starbucks


(Niall's P.O.V.)

I felt the wet morning grass against my shoes. I heard the crunch of the frozen bark as I made my way to the swings. I sat down and absentmindedly swung my legs.

I looked down at the item I was holding. I held in my hands the photograph I've treasured for the past ten years.

It was a photo of two children, a boy and a girl, both around the age of eight.

I was the boy, the one with the brunette hair and the one holding the old guitar. My blue eyes shined in the sunlight. A goofy smile was etched into my face as I stared at the girl.

The girl, she had her light brown hair tied up into two curly pigtails in the middle of her head. Her hazel eyes were filled with glee, and her dimples adorned her cheeks, one at each end of her smile.

"Lilliana." I whispered, slowly and quietly to myself, her name gave me shivers.

I lovingly stroked the picture. It was a dear piece of my memory, that I would love to replay again.

"Lilliana," I whispered, letting the words quietly drift away with the gentle breeze, as if the wind would carry my words to wherever she was. "I hope you remember. Our memories, our song, and my name..."

I got up from the plastic seat and tucked the photo back into my pocket gently.

I walked the streets until I unknowingly made my way into the warm Starbucks cafe. I sat at an empty table, tightened my scarf, and pulled my beanie down. I shifted my Ray Ban sunglasses onto my nose more comfortably and took my phone out. I pulled up Twitter and tweeted.

@NiallOfficialchilly weather today! gettin some Starbucks!

I hit the tweet button and my instantly flooded with retweets, favorites, and replies. I smiled and exited out of the app.

I got up from the table and walked to the barista. I scanned the menu above her head and ordered a hot chocolate. I never really liked coffee...

"What's your name sir?" the blonde barista, whose name was Brittany, asked me, clearly bored of her job.

"James." I answered.

She quickly scribbled my middle name on the cardboard cup and turned around to make my drink.

I walked over to the nearest wall and leaned against it. I take out my phone and scroll through my twitter feed. I read a few of the tweets our fans sent me to pass the time and occasionally favoriting a few that I liked.

"Hot chocolate for James?" the blonde Brittany barista called out.

I walked up to the tall counter and grabbed my beverage. I made my way back to my lonely table as the barista called another order.

"Caramel Mocha for Teagan?" she called. A tall beach blonde with blue streaked hair made her way to claim her mocha and sat down and started furiously tapping away at her phone.


(Lilliana's P.O.V.)


I lay on my side for a bit longer, thinking about the brunette's crystal blue eyes. They were a perfect shade of blue, not exactly the color of the sky or the color of the ocean, just perfect.


I slapped my hand over my phone and unplugged it from the charger. I looked at the lock screen.

It was a text from a blocked number.

Oh, joy. I wonder who that could be? I slid the arrow to the right with my thumb to unlock it and looked at my messages.


From: Blocked Number

I love you.


I rolled my eyes and deleted the conversation, once again. When will he get the hint and realize that it's over? I tapped the most recent conversation I had, which was with my best friend, Teagan. I started tapping away and sent her a text.


To: Teagan

Wake up, loser.


I got a reply almost instantly.


From: Teagan

I'm awake. 

You're the loser.


To: Teagan

We'll see about that. 

Meet me at Starbucks at 11?


From: Teagan

Yes ma'am. I'll be there right at 11 sharp, Ms. Brooks.


I rolled my eyes and smiled. I got out of bed and into my closet. I checked the weather with the Weather app on my iPhone. It would be chilly today.

I did my morning routine and went to my huge walk in closet. I picked out my big blue, cream, and white striped sweater and put it on top of my white t-shirt. I went to my dresser and pulled out my pair of faded skinny jeans. I hopped up and down as I pulled them on.

I went into my bathroom and waited for my curling iron to heat up. I added a light coat of waterproof mascara to my upper lashes and swiped a nude colored lipstick on my lips. I curled my hair in tight curls, as they would loosen throughout the day. I clipped my long bangs back with a bobby pin and stepped out.

I grabbed my cream colored infinity scarf and layered it on my neck. I found my loose beanie in the same color and put it on my head.

I checked my phones lock screen and looked at the time. It was 10:54. I should get going...

I fed my black Labrador, Lacie and gave her a hug and walked to Starbucks, considering it was only a 5-minute walk.

I was almost in front of Starbucks and I checked the time on my phone once again and it was 11:01. As I locked it and was about to slip it into my back pocket, a boy exiting opened the door and almost hit me. I jumped back and fell on my bum in shock and my phone slipped out of my hand and onto the concrete.

"Shiiiiiii.....!" I hissed, trying not to curse as I scrambled to pick up my phone, hoping the screen didn't crack.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry, miss! I wasn't paying attention. Are you okay?" he frantically asked me, in a thick Irish accent.




Thick Irish accent?

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