Tessa lives with her Dad and his girlfriend in Alabama. She's an ordinary teenage girl, doing ordinary teenage girl things.Tessa thinks her life is going pretty well, until last year. when she realized she loves her best friend,Marty. Tessa begins to worry, trying to figure out how everything happened so fast. What should she do? Should Tessa confess her love for her best friend, or keep it forgiven & a secret?


2. Renovated

"You renovated the club house? It looks amazing!" I said. And it was true, the club did look amazing. 2 of the small walls were painted baby purple, and two were painted baby green. Me and Marty's favorite colors. There was a green and purple checkered couch, and a bean bag for each of us. And, he made a small yet tall deck for us to see over the giant hill that was hiding us from the park. "How did you do this!?" I said, still in shock. "Me and my brother Marc. His boss had some scrap furniture, and my brother asked for it since he knows that we love those colors." he said, smiling. Marty's brother Marc works for this furniture company and whatever scraps his boss has, he gives them to Marc. I walked in a little more to see the whole makeover, and I was pleased. He put a coffee table in there, a fridge, a TV to watch movies, and even two twin sized air mattresses in case we fell asleep. It made our club house seem much bigger. "Please thank your brother a thousand times for me! It looks spectacular!" I said, as he laughed at my shocked face. We went in and popped a movie in the DVD player. I made some popcorn and we stayed there the whole day.



"Oh my gosh! It's 7:30! I was supposed to be home by 6! " I said. "Let's walk home." Marty said, as he turned off the TV. We locked the door to the club house put a huge tarp over it. People who came down the hill (not a lot of people) would think it's construction or something. I grabbed my bag and we ran home in the rain. When we finally got home, my dad was furious. "You were supposed to be home by dinner!" he yelled, his face going red. I was still smiling from the walk home with Marty. I quickly hid my grin, and answered. "We lost track of time." I answered. And it's true. It wasn't like I came home late on purpose. "It doesn't matter. I said be home and you weren't home." he said. "Dad why are you so mad? What, do you think we were doing something illegal?!" "Actually, that's exactly what I was thinking." he answered. "It's Marty, Dad! We were at the clubhouse-" "Doing what?" he answered, putting his fists on his hips. "We were watching a movie!" he looked at me funny and said, "You have a TV in there?" "Marty and his brother made-over the clubhouse. ANYWAYS, why are you so upset? I get home late all the time." I yelled at him. He grabbed my arm and gently pulled me towards the couch. I tugged away and ran upstairs. I was wet, tired, and upset. My own father didn't trust me. As mad as I was, I really wanted to know what he had to tell me. But, I stayed in my room. I changed into my pajamas and laid in bed on my laptop, scrolling through my Tumblr.

Hours later, I logged out and closed my laptop. I drifted off to sleep, dreaming about Marty. Again.




Hey guys! So sorry for not posting a lot. I've been really busy, but now that it's spring break, I'm gonna post more! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter:) Comment what YOU think Jen's dad has to tell her!? Peace!

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