Tessa lives with her Dad and his girlfriend in Alabama. She's an ordinary teenage girl, doing ordinary teenage girl things.Tessa thinks her life is going pretty well, until last year. when she realized she loves her best friend,Marty. Tessa begins to worry, trying to figure out how everything happened so fast. What should she do? Should Tessa confess her love for her best friend, or keep it forgiven & a secret?


1. Dreams of Him

It was another hot day in Alabama, and I was  in my room listening to music.  It was Sunday, my chill day, and I was easily falling asleep to my favorite song "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. All of the sudden, the doorbell rang. "Ding-Dong". "Tessa! Marty's here!" my dad shouted. "Coming!" I answered back, jumping of my bed and taking off my earphones. Marty greeted me with a huge hug and our handshake: "Clap, clap, double ankle roll, hip bump, and a stomach drum roll! "Let's go to the park. I have a surprise!" Marty said. "Alright. See you Dad!!" I shouted, as Dad gave me a nod yes, meaning okay.





We arrived at the local park and sat on a bench. Marty looked under the bench and pulled out a picnic basket. He grabbed my arm, signaling me to follow him. We found an open area of freshly cut grass, with flowers blooming and the Sun shining. He laid out a blanket on the ground and held my hand, gently sitting me down. "I have to tell you something Tessa, and I thought this was the perfect time and place." he said, leaning in closer. I was sure he would say "I love you". But instead, he said: "Tessa, WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" he shouted. I opened my eyes and sat up. "Wake up Tess, it's lunch." said my dad. I was obviously dreaming about Marty, sadly. Ever since last year, I kind of had a crush on Marty. It's weird, because he's my best friend and that's why I don't want to tell him. If he doesn't like me back, our whole friendship would go to waste- and be really awkward. For now, it's between me and me.



After lunch, I went back upstairs. I grabbed my phone, since my ringer was going of like crazy. Marty was texting me, asking if I wanted to go to the park. We have a secret hide out we made in, like, the fifth grade. It's like a cave made of branches and some of my dad's ply wood. It's kind of small though, I'm surprised we still fit in there.

I texted him back saying I would be ready in ten to fifteen minutes. He sent back a smiley face, and I giggled. I put on my sweater and applied some eye liner and mascara. I didn't have to stress over make-up and clothes, because Marty had practically seen me sick and in my "around the house" clothes all the time. After applying make-up, I went downstairs and put on my bright baby blue converse. "Going to the park with Marty dad!" "Alright, keep your phone with you!" he said, as if I was a ten year old going to a birthday party. He always thinks someone would attack me or something, when in reality, no one really goes. I just ignored him and left.



I got to the park and Marty was waiting just outside the entrance. "Hey!" he said giving me a hug. "Hey. So what are we gonna today, monsieur?" "I have something planned, mademoiselle!" he said in a fancy french accent. I had no idea what he had planned, but deep down inside me I was hoping it would be like my dream ( besides the WAKE UP part....). He motioned me to follow him to our hide out, and he covered my eyes. "What in the world are you doing?" I asked, as he began to guide me to our hide out. "You'll see!" he said, giggling at the fact that I had no clue what was going on. After lots of stumbling and dizziness, we finally got to the hide out, and he opened the door.  "Alright, you ready?" he asked. I nodded in response, and he began to remove his hands from my face. "3....2....1." "Oh my...." I said.



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