Dead on Valentines Day

It's Stacy's birthday and Valentines day. It starts off great, but will things take a turn for the worst?


3. Whats my name?

Stacy's P.O.V I wake up frantic and confused. Where am I? Someone notices I'm awake and walks over to me. "Hi,I'm Dr.Zara, What's your name?" I can't remember. What was it again? S. It started with an S. Then it all comes back to me. The breakfast, the crash, my name, Niall. "Niall! Where is he?!?" "Ma'm please tell me your name." "Er, Stacy, Stacy Monroe. Now where is Niall?!?" I wanted answers. I start to cry. "Ma'm, stay calm. You were in a very serious car crash. You need to keep your blood pressure down." She wasn't telling me anything, and it wasn't making me calm. "I want to know where Niall is!" She points across from me towards an unconscious blonde boy. "Is that him?" I asked unsure if I was remembering right. She nodded and said " You are both in critical condition and you have been unconscious for 3 hours." "What time is it?" "4:00 am exactly" She seemed annoyed. "What caused the crash?" That is the only thing I could not remember. She sighed. "Mr.Horan drove into oncoming traffic causing a head-on collision with a semi-. I looked straight ahead and burst into tears. Dr.Zara looked at me."If you need anything press this button." She said gesturing towards the wall. I nodded through my tears and then she was gone.

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