Dead on Valentines Day

It's Stacy's birthday and Valentines day. It starts off great, but will things take a turn for the worst?


5. Let me die...

Stacy's P.O.V I sat there, staring at the wall behind Nialls bed, dazed. What was happening? Why is this happening to us? I feel like I'm gonna be sick. Pain overwhelms my body, constricting it. I cry tears of sadness and weakness. I look at Niall, still unconscious. I cry harder, he's been unconscious for 7 hours. I whisper to myself, "That should be me. I should be the one in that bed!" A doctor comes in to check on me. "You need to get rest." I turn my head away. I hear him turn and leave the room. I wipe the tears from my eyes. "Why couldn't it have been me?!?" I look towards the ceiling. "Why make my loved ones suffer through pain?! "WHY?!?!?!? I scream and cry. I hate this world. I hate my life. I had one good thing in my life and he's in that hospital bed DYING!!! I'm angry. I want to die. I want to leave the world and all it's misery. To escape its pain and suffer. "WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE LET ME DIE!!!!!!! LET ME DIE!!!"

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