Dead on Valentines Day

It's Stacy's birthday and Valentines day. It starts off great, but will things take a turn for the worst?


2. Deadly Drive

Niall''s P.O.V "Are you ready to go?" "Absolutly!" she was really excited. "Great let's go!" We hop into the car and pull out of the driveway. I wanted to take her to the beach where I would propose to her. I felt the ring in my pocket. I looked over at Stacy and smiled. "I love you." "I love you too Niall." I stared at her my eyes gleaming. I should be watching the road, but I can't pull away. "NIALL!!!" I looked forward and everything felt like an explosion. I couldn't see anything. I tried to call out to Stacy, but the pain muted me. I blacked out. Stacy's P.O.V The car was rolling. Glass was shooting out at me in every direction. Pain was all I felt. I tried to scream. Why can't I scream! Niall! Help! The car stops rolling. I'm pinned between the ground and the car. I can't breathe. My body goes numb. My sight goes dead. I can't think. I pass out. Stacy's P.O.V I wake up in an ambulance barely alive. "Where...where..." I see a paramedic "Ma'm do you know your name?" I couldn't remember who I was or where I was. I just stared at her confused. "Ma'm, do you know who you are?" I shook my head no. I really ha no idea who I was. I closed my eyes wanting to forget about the pain.

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