Dead on Valentines Day

It's Stacy's birthday and Valentines day. It starts off great, but will things take a turn for the worst?


1. Wake up!

Stacy"s P.O.V "Happy Birthday Princess!" I sat up barley awake. "What?" I said groggily. "Happy Birthday" "Niall!,It's 12:30 in the freakin morning!" He gave me a pouty face and I hit him with a pillow. It's my 18th birthday which, by the way, is the day before Valentines day, so I guess it's a win-win situation. Niall, my boyfriend since I was 11, always wakes me up this early on my birthday. I'm so lucky to have him. "Come on Princess, get up! I want to take you somewhere!" He seemed as if he was going to die of excitement. "Okay! Let me get dressed and I'll meat you downstairs!" I said laughing. "Ok, Princess. Don't take too long I'm obligated to take you by force, ready or not!" I smiled and he left, leaving me to get dressed. I swear, I couldn't have a better boyfriend. Ever. He was perfect, everything you could ever want out of a guy. I don't know what I would do without him. I slip into my favorite black, shimmery skinny jeans, pull on a silvery-blue, off-the-shoulder top, and put on some navy blue Vans. To top it all off I put on a little eye shadow, a swipe of mascara, and some peachy pink lipgloss. I brush my hair over my shoulder and let my natural waves take control. I admired myself in the mirror. "Perfect." I whispered to myself, smiling. I hear someone calling for me. " Princess, are you ready yet?" He sounded hopeful. "Coming!" I yelled and I made my way downstairs. Niall's P.O.V She came downstairs and my jaw dropped. I stood there, a look of satisfaction on my face. She was gorgeous. She was wearing a stunning blue top, tight skinneys and blue vans. She was absolutely beautiful. The way her grey eyes shimmered. The way her beautiful waves cascaded over her right shoulder. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and she is all mine."Niall?" She snapped me out of my thoughts. "Er, uh, sorry" I smiled. I really do love her. I hope she knows that. "Come on I made you breakfast" Stacy's P.O.V Niall led me into the kitchen me in to the kitchen, my tummy rumbling. "Niall! My favorite!!!" In front of me were hot n' steamy blueberry pancakes, hash browns, bacon, fruit, and warm tea with two scoops of sugar and a lil cream. "Oh thank you baby!" I hugged him and gave him a kiss. He blushed and pulled out my chair. "Would the princess like to sit?" He smiled cheekily. "I would LOVE too!" I said giggling. I sat down to enjoy my breakfast, loving every bite.

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