imagine for Olivia Horan 19

Imagine for Olivia Horan 19 with Niall.

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2. Imagine for Olivia Horan 19 Second part:)

I saw my mum look at me in the corner of my eye, she had a corny smile on her face.

"Oh, come on, you two were together nonstop today!" She says, and I scoff.

"Because you invited him over here. What else was I supposed to do all day? Ignore him?" I ask, becoming all defensive about it. Her eyes widen and I feel my phone buzz in my pocket, the name flashes on the screen before me: Niall. I smile and slide my thumb across the screen, unlocking it to see the message. I open the message but before I can read the message, my mum snaps the phone out of my hand, peeking at it. A slow smile spreads across her face, and I know just what she'll say next.

"I knew it." She says, and so did I... She handed the phone back, and I could finally read the message.

Niall: I had a lot of fun today:) Want to hang out again sometime? Soon?

I quickly type back, my mum leaving  the kitchen, laughing.

Me: Really soon:)

He doesnt hesitate to write back, so after a few moments, my phone buzzed again.

Niall: Good. Tomorrow at my place sound good?

Me: Sounds great:) See you tomorrow:)

Niall: See you tomorrow, best friend:))

I smile at his response and lock my phone again.

"Mom! I'm going over there tomorrow! To Niall's house." I yell to my mother who had started a shower up. I heard her chuckle, which annoyed me a bit. She invited this guy over for me, against my will, so of course I would like him. Sometimes I dont, but who cares if I actually make a new friend? I need some more friends. Definetly. My mum was right about two things today, one that me and Nial would be good friends, and two that Carry isnt the only friend I'll ever need. I willl need more.... so, Niall. He'd be the perfect best friend, and he'd already called me his best friend. How long would I carry all this out before he actually does become my bestfriend? What happens if I leave Carry behind? Would I ever do that to her? I cant do that to her, she was just like Niall is now, lonely and without friends. I'm guessing from Niall's accent that he only doesnt have friends because he just moved here. He told me he was Irish, and Irish people dont typically live in London, England.... but, still, I'm so glad he's here now.

I went off, sneaking into my mum's room. I still heard the shower running, which means I can sneak onto her computer... I always do it. I need to check and see if  I have any emails or something. I decided to text Niall.

Me: Niall, whats your email address?

Niall texts back instantly as if he was sitting there waiting for me to text him.

Niall: why?

Me: Nothing. I want to email you. I can finally use the computer, my mum is in the shower right now. Shhh;)

Niall: Nice:) I wont tell:)))))

Me: Thanks:) And, I cant wait until I come over tomorrow!:)))

Niall: Me either:) I havent ever had a good friend like you so quickly in my life.:P It's a good thing:))) I need some friends before I go into school.

Me: Oh yeah, that reminds me, I needed to ask what year you're in. Or, going in this year....?

Niall: 12th, you?

I smiled at his response, we would see each other a lot more. During school. Maybe we will have some classes together.

Me: Nice, me too. Maybe we'll get classes together!:)

Niall:Maybe:) So, are you emailing me?

Me: Oh yeah!

Nial: Olivia, you're losing your head:)

Me: I know. I know. Well, ttyl, I'll email you:))))

Niall: okay:))

I set up a new email account, to exclusively talk to Niall on, and quickly typed an email for him. It looked like this:




Message include:

Niall, I made an account just to talk to you:) So, when I come over tomorrow, I'll bring movies and some popcorn.We should have a movie night(:



I quickly logged off the computer, hearing my mum shut the shower off.


****Will finish later. Olivia Horan 19's imagine. Long one. I will keep writing it later I swear. It is going to get better. I just need to get off for a few.****

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