Love You More

When Andrea moves to a new home with her brother, John, and her dad, her whole life goes way different than expected. One day when she meets a cute boy at a cafe, everything turns up-side-down, but she doesn't really seem to care all that much. (Really short!!)


7. Perfect

Harry's P.O.V.

I was standing out side of the cafe waiting for Andrea, I had bought myself an iced tea, and for her a white chocolate latte, just as I had overheard her ordering the day before.


I was standing there for a while. Did I get here too early? I glanced at my watch, 10:36. Was she stuck at home? Had she stood me up? Was she lost? Did she meet someone on the way? Well, I guess that's what I get for trying to get a girlfriend. I really liked her, she was so beautiful and sweet... I could barely even sleep last night, I was thinking of her so much.


I had completely given up. It's useless. She's way too perfect for someone like me. I turned to go home and saw her running down the road. I saw her smile when she saw me, and my heart started pounding out of my chest. I felt happy and hopeful again.

"Hey! I'm so sorry I kept you waiting here, honestly! I overslept last night, I'm so so so so sorry! Please forgi-"

"It's fine," I said and smiled at her, she smiled back. I could feel my face turn red. She giggled. Gosh her laugh was so adorable! I can not believe how lucky I am we met yesterday, she's such an Angel.

"Oh, here. I got you a drink. White chocolate latte."

I handed her the coffee,

"How'd you know?"

"Just a wild guess." I said with a smile and winked at her.

"Awe, Harry! You shouldn't have! I don't want you wasting your money on me! Here."

She grabbed £10 and put it in my pocket.

"No, I insist!" I said and gave her the money back.



"Well, thank you!" She flashed smile

"Anything for an Angel like you." I said and smiled.

Wait, did I seriously just say that? Ugh, I'm so stupid! She just giggled again, So cute.

"Harry, you're so cheesy." She said with a smile.


Suddenly I felt someone grab my hand. It was her.

"So? Are you gonna show me around or not?" She said in a sweet voice

"Oh, right!" I said back,

"C'mon." And we started walking down the street.


Andrea's P.O.V.

I can't believe I had the courage to hold his hand . . . I've never ever ever done that! Ever! But I'm glad I did. It just felt so right. We fit like a puzzle piece.


We walked down the street and passed by several shops and restaurants and neighborhoods. Eventually we came to a huge building that looked kinda like a castle. It read "Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School" Along one wall.

"This is the school I go to, and I'm guessing you will after break, right?

"Oh yeah! I remember my dad telling me something bout it. Cool! Is it fun here?

"Oh yes, lots of fun, actually!"

"Haha good!"

We kept walking, I was glad we did this. It was really nice. I absolutely loved it. Soon, we were in a park with several large trees.

"Here we are," He said.

We had stopped under a tree which gave a lot of shade. He turned to me and held my other hand. I looked at him confused.

"This is where I come when I just need some time alone, or to think, or just get away from everything."

"It's nice" I said.

It's nice? Are you KIDDING ME? Ugh! I'm such a retard!

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I thought to myself. He chuckled and looked at me. I couldn't help myself from repeatedly getting lost in those perfect eyes. I was so caught up in the moment I wasn't thinking.

I leaned in, and kissed him.

But wait, he kissed back! He kissed me back! He actually likes me! I got so excited about this I forgot about what was going on.


He put is hand on my waist and I put mine on his neck. He then put his other hand, too, and pulled me in against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he just stopped. I opened my eyes and so did he, we both smiled at each other. I closed my eyes again and cradled my head in the crook of his neck. He put his head down, and we stood there for a long time.


I didn't want this moment to end. It was so perfect. I felt like I was weightless. Like everything was right again. Like my mom was still with me. Like nothing could ever go bad again. Like nothing ever even had gone wrong. Like I still had hope.


Like I was happy again.

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