Love You More

When Andrea moves to a new home with her brother, John, and her dad, her whole life goes way different than expected. One day when she meets a cute boy at a cafe, everything turns up-side-down, but she doesn't really seem to care all that much. (Really short!!)


8. I Think I Love You

We stayed there a couple minutes longer until Harry finally loosened up and looked at me.

"Andrea, I know I only met you yesterday, and we barely know each other, but I'd love to get to know you, and I really hope I don't scare you away. But, I think I love you."

I was stunned. Speechless. Frozen. I was lost in his eyes again. I couldn't talk, I was choking on the words, but I wanted to say them.

"Damn it!" He whispered,

"I knew this would happen! I'm such a dip shit! I thought you would be different, it felt different. I knew it was too soon, but I couldn't help my self. Agh I'm so stupi-"

"No. Harry, I,"


"I think I love you, too."

"W-What?" He stuttered, I pushed the words out from my throat,

"I love you."

"Really?" He asked hesitantly, I just nodded.


He just smiled at me and I smiled back, I could not believe what was happening. He pulled me in again and squeezed me so tight I couldn't even breathe, but I didn't care. All I cared about was him. How perfect this was, and how lucky I am this was happening. I was so happy, I felt tears roll down my face. I buried myself in his neck and I never wanted to let go. I wanted to stay there the rest of my life, but it was getting dark, and my dad wanted me home.


"I really don't want to, but my dad said I had to be home before dark."

Harry pouted and gave me the puppy dog face,

"I'm sorry! I wish I didn't have a curfew, but it's really hard to earn back trust from my dad. Trust me. He's Impossible."

Harry smiled and looked at me with an evil stare,


"Watch out!"

He yelled, and ran towards me. I screamed so loud! He charged at me and I just covered my head, he picked me up bridal style and started running back home I was laughing so hard but I was afraid he'd drop me, I had one arm around his neck and the other hand was holding onto his shirt for dear life. He pretended to trip and I screamed again and dug my face into his chest. He was laughing so hard at me. I was crying he scared me so much, I accidentally let out a laugh,

"That's not funny!" I protested.


We were almost to the neighborhood and he put me down and kissed me on the cheek.

"Don't cry," He said and wiped my tears with his thumb.

"Smile. It's looks good on you."

I couldn't help but laugh at how corny he was. But it was so cute.

"See?" He said, and kissed me again.

I hugged him and pecked his cheek,

"Well see you tomorrow then I guess. Same time?" I asked


"Great, Bye!" I said and hugged him once more.

We ended up walking the same way, awkward...

"What, are you following me now?" I asked him and smiled,

"No, I live this way!"



"Silly." I said and smiled

He just smiled and laughed a bit. Then turned and went home, as did I.

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