Impossible Outcome

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1. Impossible Outcome



Impossible Outcome


If there’s one thing I thought I could never do, it’s have a boyfriend; let alone one of the fame varieties. Sure, I bought all the albums, waited up until two AM to watch a fifteen minute live stream, and tweeted like a crazy person on any one of the boy’s birthdays; but that doesn’t mean I expected anything in return. I would still be scarily loyal to the boys even if my chances of meeting any of them were about the same as winning the lottery.

But just like everything else in life, things change. For me, this change began the Christmas of 2012.

Take Me Home had come out in November of that year, and I still had it on replay. My sister, Leah, and I had waited up all night in anticipation of the gifts to come, and finally at six in the morning, we barreled into my parent’s room to wake them up.

The normal Christmas morning routine ensued, I showered, and Leah went to get our grandmother up to join in on the morning. When I got out of the bathroom my whole family was waiting for me in the living room, Leah already clutching her brand new set of sheets for her bead, the EXACT one’s she’d picked out two weeks before, “Here sweetie.” My mom said, handing me an envelope, I remember giving her a skeptical look, but tore into the paper anyways.

Right as I broke the seal, I almost felt the world shift around me. I was looking down at two tickets to the Take Me Home tour, the date on them reading 2-14-13. VALENTINES DAY. You know, because giving a Directioner One Direction tickets isn’t good enough if it’s not on the “day of love”. Let’s just say that by the time I was done screaming, my family had wanted to gag me.

As I said before, that’s when my life started shifting.

A few weeks later the tickets found themselves tacked up on my wall, waiting ever patiently for their date to arrive, though I can’t say the same for myself. Every night since Christmas morning I would stare at those tickets as I fell asleep, thinking of the awesome time I was bound to have at the concert. The anticipation was building, and it was KILLING me.

Those next few weeks were torture, waiting, waiting, WAITING for the date to change. Trying my hardest to will the calendar to switch months and for it to be February already. Of course when I actually woke up on the morning of the concert, I had completely forgotten what day it was.

I got up, took my normal morning shower, and dried and styled my hair, all while mentally deciding what to wear to school that fine Friday morning. I had no idea that my whole family was just waiting for the screams to claw their way out of my throat.

They never came. The entire morning was an almost sort of haze for me, almost as if my body recognizing what was to come and it was preserving energy. I vaguely remember my mom even asking me if I was excited, and I just stared back at her wondering what she was talking about.

By the time first period rolled around, I was getting restless. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you’re excited, and you can’t remember why? Yeah, that was my entire day. I sat through first period Band, third period AP World History, fifth period P.E, and seventh period Language Arts feeling like I was missing something.

It wasn’t until I got on the bus to go home that night that I finally remembered. Those few moments are foggy as well, mostly because of the fact that I started bawling on the spot (yeah, I will never live that down). Needless to say, I got home, lied down on my bed, put my One Direction playlist on repeat, and stared at my ceiling.

I would’ve happily stayed like that until it was time to leave for the concert, but then it hit me…I’m going to see the boys… I looked in the mirror at my now rats nest hair, and my ratty looking school cloths. “Oh god,” I breathed, holding my hands against my head, “What am I going to wear!?!”

The next few hours were spent rifling through my closet as hair and makeup tutorials played out of the new laptop that I’d also gotten for Christmas. The stress of perfection was getting to me and I was just barely restraining myself from running downstairs and eating everything in sight.

I sighed and decided on my cutest cardigan over a black shirt I’d pressed the 1D symbol onto, since it was still a little cold outside, along with my “tight” jeans. They really weren’t that tight, not as tight as some of the jeans Harry had been wearing as of late, but they showed off my legs just enough.

“C’mon! Are we going to the concert or not?!!” My mom yelled up the stairs, interrupting the styling of my hair.

“Give me one minute!” I called back. I finished with my hair and ran down the stairs, doing a circle in the living room and looking at my dad, “Do you think I’ll catch the boy’s eyes?” I asked jokingly.

“If you don’t, I don’t know what’s wrong with those boys!” My dad said, placing a kiss on my cheek, “Have fun sweetie.”

My mom rolled into the parking lot an hour early, yet there was still a ton of people already milling around the stadium. I could only stare at the sheer amount of girls, boys, mothers, and awkward looking fathers crowded around the entrance.

“Alright sweetie, you ready?”

I nodded to my mother and opened my door, readying myself to be pushed and touched as my mom and I walked up to the mass mob of people.

“If I lose you, keep your phone in hand and call me when you get inside.”

I nodded as we joined the heard, and of course I lost her immediately. Nevertheless, I pushed ahead, not being impolite, but asserting myself. I took advantage of the pushing around me and moved whenever I saw an entrance, finding myself closer to the front of the mob by the time the gates opened.

The pushing intensified, almost as if the boys were standing right inside the door and only the first few through would be able to meet them. I’d ended up befriending one of the boys who was standing next to me, so I attached myself to him as we poured inside.

We’d finally popped out of the screaming hoard and scuttled over near the much less crowded popcorn vender. I pulled out my phone and glanced at the time before pressing my mother’s number. I waited until her voicemail picked up, hanging up and resolving to retry her in a minute or two.

“So, I never caught your name.” I said to the boy I was standing with. He was cute as a button, wearing a 1D shirt, a gray beanie, jeans, and a tongue piercing I could see when he spoke.

He smiled, “Oh yeah! I’m Damien, or male_directioner2 on Instagram.”

I tried to smile back, but it was obvious that my surprise had shown through when he said,

“I guess you follow me?”

I nodded, incapable of forming a cohesive thought. Eventually he took pity on me and said his goodbyes.

“Enjoy the show!”

As he was walking away I tried my mom again and she picked up. After telling her where I was I turned to the vender and bought myself a water.

“Hey honey!” my mom said as she finally found me, “We should find our seats!”

I nodded and followed her to our portion of the deck. The seats weren’t outrageous or extravagant, but just being at the concert was enough for me. After a few minutes of sitting down, my mom could tell I was getting nervous and told me to go walk around but to call her if I needed help with something.

I jumped at the chance and ran for it, trying to find Damien in the crowds of people, to no avail. I ended up looking for a bathroom, ultimately ending up in a random hallway with no one else around.

I blushed as I thought of the Fanfictions I’d read where a girl would go to a concert, end up in a place like this, meet one of the boys, and end up dating them. I attempted to keep my mind in the present, and continued searching the walls for a bathroom.

Apparently, I’d gotten so into not thinking about what “could” happen that I didn’t notice someone walking straight towards me and thus proceeded to run headfirst into them.

“So sorry.”

I froze.

No…No this can’t actually be happening. You’re just imagining his voice. This isn’t real.

My internal monologue was interrupted by the boy waving his hand in front of my face.


I took in a sharp breath, and turned to face him, my knees buckling immediately. I’d reached out to grasp at the wall, but ended up falling to the floor anyways. He looked down at me from where he was standing, and all I could think about was how I’d just fallen onto the floor in front of Niall Horan.

He reached out a hand for me to grasp and I just stared at it, thinking of all the time I spent looking at those hands. He cleared his throat and it was apparent that I’d stared for too long, so I took it and he helped me to my feet.

“You should get back to your seat; we’re starting a little early to fit in a few extra songs.”

I nodded so hard it felt like I’d given myself whiplash. He turned and started to walk away.


He jumped at my loudness, but when he turned, he smiled; seeing that I’d done the same. At that embarrassment, I turned and started back to find my mother. It wasn’t until I was sitting next to her that I realized he’d stuffed a backstage pass into my hand.

The concert was flawless, as if I’d expected any less. When I first heard the Up All Night live DVD, I was a little disappointed at how their live vocal range didn’t really fit the album, but they’d obviously worked on that and BLEW ME AWAY. My mother had been skeptical when I showed her the newly acquired pass, but ended up taking me down to the front of the stage anyways after the concert had ended. She nudged me in the side, motioning for me to call for someone.

“E-Excuse me?” I shouted.

We waited a couple of minutes before a security guard stuck his head out of the curtain.

“No admittance.” He said, and popped back.

“Wait!” He popped back out, looking annoyed; though his facial expression changed drastically one I flashed the back stage pass.

“Oh! Um…Yeah! Mr. Horan told us to expect you…Uh…Come on back!”

My mouth dropped open, mirroring my mother’s expression. I followed her in a dream-like state, not believing that something like this could happen to anyone let alone me.

“Right this way.” The guard said, ushering us to, and leaving us at a door with a makeshift sign taped to it reading “Horan

I looked at my mom and she nodded, so I knocked.

“That was ultimately the moment that changed my life. I stand before you today on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, mine and Niall’s eighth anniversary, and now our wedding day.”

I turned to face Niall, the tears culminating in his eyes causing my own to start to flow,

“Sweetie, you changed my life before you even knew me, and I will never be able to thank you enough.” My voice cracked on the last syllable, and he got up and took the mic from me; saving me from further embarrassment.

“Being with me is more thanks than I will ever need. You’re the real reason I did what I did, even before we met. I knew there was someone out there for me, I’m just glad I found you before someone else did.”

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