Moments In Time (One Direction fan-fic)

Vipra and Zayn are madly in love and want to spend the rest of the moments in time with each other. It was like a dream come true, but dreams don't last forever. Soon problems start to stir in their relationship and the relationships of their friends. Will they be able to jump over the obstacles that are thrown at them or will the rest of their moments in time be spent alone?


7. Zayn!

Sarah's POV
By the time I woke up it was morning. I was still wrapped in Liam's arms, it felt right like it was meant to be. I smiled a bit until I remembered last night. I had sex with him...why did I do that? Why didn't I stand my ground, not let him seduce me? I was a fool. I looked up at his face, he was so cute when he slept. Then I also remembered that I was playing hard to get. I quickly jumped up causing Liam to wake up. He noticed I was up and off the couch.
"What?" He asked. I grinned at him. "Really, after last night you're playing still hard to get?" Oh great, he had to mention last night! I felt my eyes getting teary. I didn't want Liam to see me cry. I ran up stairs and locked myself in the bathroom, Liam chasing close behind. He was fast but not fast enough to catch me before I locked the door.
"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have said anything!" He said through the door.
"You think?" I screamed through tears.
"Just come out! Please?" He asked
"No I'm not coming out!" I say
"I'm not leaving until you come out!"
"Then you're gonna be there for a while!"
"Sarah just come out!"
"I'll sing you the song from yesterday?" He offered. That got me interested. I wanted to hear the song but I really didn't wanna come out. "Sarah?" He asked in a calm voice which gave me butterflies.
"Sing it through the door then ill come out!" I say.
"Fine!" He says
"Midnight doesn't last forever, dark turns to light. Heart break flips my world around I'm falling down, down, down, that's why: I find you li-i-ips, so kissable. And your ki-i-iss, unmissable. Your fingertips so touchable. And your eye-i-eyes, irresistible." He sang. It was amazing I'd never heard it before. Was he writing it...for me? No it couldnt be for me! but...What if it was? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! FANGIRLING!!!!!!! I totally forgot he was there. I was kind of screaming under my breath. "Sarah?" He asked.
"Right sorry coming!" I quickly looked at my self in the mirror. I was a mess! My makeup was all down my face. I tried wiping it away with some water. I unlocked the door and slowly opened it. When it was finally open all the way I was embraced by a huge hug from Liam.
"Don't ever do that again ok?" He said sternly. I nodded my head. "Are you hungry?" He asked, his voice now soft and welcoming.
"Ya..." I say quietly. We headed down stairs. I sat on a chair while Liam cooked. We ate our food quickly with out talking. I looked around and sighed. There were dishes everywhere. I got up to started cleaning dishes.
"No you sit down!" Liam says
"But I wanna help." I say
"Yes!" He sighed. I finished clearing dishes from the table and was about half way through washing them when Liam came and flicked bubbles in my face. I squealed.
"What was that for?" I screamed
"For playing hard to get!" He laughed.
"'t!" I says in disbelief.
"Oh but I did!" He says. I took a huge hand full of bobbles and blew them in his face. After about a ten minute bubble fight we stopped and sat down on the couch. I was snuggled up next to him. This 'hard to get' thing was getting tricky! I looked up to find Liam's sparkling eyes looking down a me. He leaned in and kissed my forehead. I looked deep into his eyes and slowly leaned in and kissed him on the lips. It was long and soft. It was the kind of kiss you never want to end. He pulled away for air before leaning in again. But I put my hand up to stop him.
"What?" He asked
"That's enough for now!" I say turning on the telly and leaning my head in his shoulder. Just then his phone buzzed. He took the phone out of his pocket and read the text.
" You wanna go to the beach with the rest of the gang? It may be the last time we can go before it gets cold." Liam asked. I really didn't want to go after yesterday. I don't want Vips to lecture me again. Before I could reply to Liam, my phone buzzed. It was a text from Vipra.

- From: Vipra Shah < 3
I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. I shouldn't have blasted a bomb on you when you weren't happy about what you did. PLEASE come to the beach. We'll have lots of FUN!! -

I really love Vips. She is a great friend. "Let's go have some fun." I told Liam. I went upstairs and tore apart my suitcase looking for my red bikini and light orange cover up. Turns out that it was at the very bottom of my suitcase. I really need to get a dresser for my clothes.
" Who made this mess?" Liam asked pointing to all my clothes around his room.
" ME!! I'm sorry. I was looking for my bikini. Will you share your closet with me while I am here so this won't happen again?" I ask Liam who was still starring at the mess.
" Why don't you just use the closet in the other room?"
" I didn't know you had another room, but I will stay there for the rest of my time here. Where are we meeting to go to the beach?"
" Harry's. Let me pack my shorts and other beach necessities, while you shift this mess into the other room."

Harry's POV
Liam and Sarah walk in with their hands intertwined. Damn she is beautiful. But I need to stop this thinking about her. Liam has already laid claim on her. It is a Direction rule- Don't go after each others love interest. They both sit down and Sarah snuggles into Liam's chest.
" Now we are only waiting for Zayn and Vipra. Where are the two love birds?"
"We're right here!" Vipra says. "And Mr.Styles I think you need glasses. The last time I checked neither me or Zayn have a beak or a pair of wings!"
" I am extremely sorry Mrs. Malik!" I say folding my hands.
" Excuse me? I don't remember getting married to this freak. I prefer Miss. Shah for now." Vipra said pointing to Zayn, who puts his hand on his head and faints. Wait......faints!!!
" Zayn!" I scream and over to his side Vipra falls down to her knees and starts to shake him.
" Zayn, open your eyes! I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I love you and I always will. Please open your eyes!" Vipra said. There were tears lining her eyes, threatning to spill. Sarah went over to comfort her while the rest of the boys moved Zayn onto a sofa.
" Shh. Vipra, don't cry. Zayn will be fine. " Sarah said, rubbing Vipra's back. " Think. You were a part time nurse. You know how to deal with this." A part time nurse? I thought Vips was a dancer/musician. 
"You're right Sarah. Crying is going to do no good. Niall, go get a bowl of cold water and Harry, go get clean cotton cloths. And Liam, put pillows under his legs os that they are elevated." Vipra ordered. I rush up the stairs to get some cloths. When I went back down, Niall had already gotten the water, and Liam had put pillows under Zayn's legs. Vipra kissed Zayn's cheek and wispered something in his ear.

Vipra's P.O.V
"Please wake up. We have just started our journey. You can't leave me." I wispered into Zayn's ear. Okay, now back to work.

"Do you want help with anything?" Lou asked worried.

" Actually yes. Can you unbuckle his belt and take off his shoes?"

"At your service Dr.Shah." Lou said and took off Zayn's shoes and unbuckled his belt.

"Liam, can you apply cold compresses to Zayn's forehead while I do the same to his feet?" I ask.

"No problem!" He replied. I started applying cold compresses to Zayn's feet while Liam did the same to his forehead. Oops! I can't believe that I forgot this. 

" Niall, please rub Zayn's hand softly and Sarah set a timer on my phone for two minutes." I said quickly.

" Why two minutes?" Sarah asked setting the timer on my blackberry.

"Because if he doesn't regain consciousness in two minutes, we have to call the doctor." I said changing Zayn's compress. Please work, please work. That was all that was running through my mind. This has to work. My medical knowledge can't fail me right now.

" Maddie, take over the compress on Zayn's feet. I have to check his pulse and breathing." I walk over to Niall was rubbing Zayn's hand. 

" Thanks Irish. That's good for now. I'll take over." Niall got up and stood beside Harry. Out of all the boys, Niall probably was the most sensitive. I put two of my fingers in front of Zayn's nose and checked his breathing. 
"It is normal. Now for the pulse." I say taking his large hand in mine. 

" Vas' Happning? Why are you all crowded around me? And why is my hair wet? Why do my feet feel so cold? Zayn asked. 

" He's awake!" Louis screams. Well no shit sherlock!

"Are you okay Zayn? Don't you ever do that to me again! I wouldn't be able to live without you!" I say through my tears.

"What did I do? And will someone tell me what's going on?" He asked confused.

"To put it short, Vipra called you a freak and said she would never marry you, in a joke way and you fainted. Vipra had a breakdown but her medical experienece saved you." Sarah said.

" She got us to put cold compresses on your feet and forehead. That's why your hair is wet and your feet are cold." Liam added wrapping his hand around Sarah's waist.

"Umm...okay. But I don't think I am that sensitive. After all, I am the Broadford Bad Boi." Zayn said sitting up and placing me beside him. "Do you guys mind getting me some food. I am hungry. I didn't have much for dinner and I didn't have breakfast either."

"Zayn! I told you to have your breakfast! No wonder you fainted. You had nothing in you to keep you going. You were weak. Get up now. We will get you something to eat on the way to the beach."

"Lets go." He ansered.


Authors Note-

Sorry it took so long to update. Its just that working between three fanfics is hard but don't worry we will update quicker. Promise. I am also starting to write One Direction one shots for those who want. If you want one leave this info in the comments.


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Lots of love - Zayn's_princess and Sarah Horan






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