Moments In Time (One Direction fan-fic)

Vipra and Zayn are madly in love and want to spend the rest of the moments in time with each other. It was like a dream come true, but dreams don't last forever. Soon problems start to stir in their relationship and the relationships of their friends. Will they be able to jump over the obstacles that are thrown at them or will the rest of their moments in time be spent alone?


9. The Paps

*the next day*

vipras pov

i open my twitter only to see spam about sarah and zayn. wait, what??? i click on one of the articles and read on to see that some paps were at the beach yesterday and they managed to take some pictures of sarah when she was giving mouth to mouth to zayn to save his life. some people have nothing good in their lives that they have to make fake stories just to mess with peoples life. anyways i shouted out to sarah who was somewhere in the house.

"SARAH?" i call.

"yeeeeeeeeeeeees?" she says walking into the room. im not just saying this because sarah is my bestie, but she is drop dead gorgeous. she doesnt even have to try, pin straight red hair, big hazel eye, nice body. even when all shes wearing is sweatpants, a baggy sweater, and her hairs in a messy bun. no make up. i envy the beaty she beholds.

"have you checked twitter latley?" i ask.

"think about it sweetheart. i, the most addicted to twitter person in the world, having not checked twitter yet? its already 9:17am and i now have all of one direction following me. ya ive checked twitter." she says.

"whatever," i mumble "so then youve seen all the crap about you and zayn. or should i say #zarah?"

"yes i have. and i still dont know how they already know my name. i mean, you cant even see my face in the picture!" she rants. "you know, us directioners can be pretty scary sometimes."

"ya, just sometimes" i say sarcastically

"hey, you used to be one to gurlie!" she screams. then niall, harry, zayn, and lou walk in.

"hello boys!" i scream.

"hi vipra, hi sarah" they say like a little army. they sit down.

"wheres liam?" sarah asks.

"right here." liam says snaking his arms around her.

Then Sarah turns into a ninja and jumps out of Liam's arms.

"What are you doing?" I ask. Sarah looks around and sees all of our confused faces.

"We'll since clearly, none of you have caught on yet. I am playing hard to get with Liam." Sarah informs. Why? I thought she liked him. Ill tell ya, that girl is so confusing sometimes.

"So technically we aren't a couple yet." Liam says. Everyone, including me, gasps.

"Why?" Harry asks, suddenly very interested.

"Sarah, I'm sure would love to inform you on that." Liam motions for Sarah to continue.

"I'm not ready for a relationship." Sarah say simply.

"Oh," Harry looses interest. He seems to be lost in thought.

"Hey why don't we play truth or dare?" Maddie suggests walking into the room. We all nod.

"Ok!" I say. We sit on the ground in a circle. I'm next to Zayn and Sarah. On the other side of Sarah is Liam then Lou, Maddie, Niall, Harry and then Zayn.

"Since Maddie brought it up, she goes first!" Sarah says.

"Ok! Umm...Louis! Truth or dare?" She says

"Dare!" Lou shouts.

"I dare you to kiss me." Maddie whispers. It's not like her to be that forward. She must really like Louis.

"Deal!" Lou says leaning in. When their lips meet I can almost hear Maddie's heart beating. They are adorable together. I see Maddie's lips curl into a small smile. They pull away, both smiling from ear to ear.

"Ok lovebirds, it's Lou's turn now!" I say.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Lou says

"Truth." Everyone lets out a moan.

"Awww! Your no fun!" Louis whines.

"Go Louis!" Sarah says.

"Fine, umm...who in this room would you most like to snog?" Harry goes pale.

Harry's POV.

"Who in this room would you most like to snog?" Lou asks. I can't talk. What do I say?

"Umm..." I mumble. Everyone looks at me expectingly.

"Come on haz, we don't care who it is. You could say Louis for all we care!" Sarah says.

"Sarah." I mumble. Her head jolts up.

"Me?" She smiles. I'm glad she's happy. I can see a light pink color creep up on her face as she tilts her head down. Now time to get pay back at Louis for making me admit that.

"Louis, truth or dare." I say.

"Dare!" He says.

"I dare you to..." I need to think, what would be bad enough. Kiss Maddie? No he already did. kiss vipra, no direction code. Kiss Sarah? No she's with lia- wait! No she's not! Kiss her! Perfect! "I dare you to kiss Sarah." I say everyone gasps again.


Sarah's POV

Kiss me? Why? I look at Maddie and she has tears and a pleading look in her eyes. Like 'please don't do this.' The look kills me. Just when I'm about to object, Louis crashes his lips onto mine. I kiss back and blink back tears at the same time. He pulls away, all smiles and I try my best not to look like I'm about to break down crying.

*one hour later*

Harry's POV.

"Sarah, can I talk to you for a second?" I blurt out, interrupting Lou on his rant about something totally pointless. He looks at me with shock.

"Um, sure..." Sarah gets up and we head to the kitchen. "What's up?" I don't respond I just take a deep breath, close my eyes and go in for a kiss. She tries to back away but bumps into a counter. She turns her face causing me to kiss her cheek. I slip my hand around her waist and forcefully kiss her lips. Then out of no where, she slaps me. Hard. Right across the face. "What are you doing?" She whisper-shouts while pushing me a good two meters away. I head back in and try to kiss her again. And again, she slaps me. Same spot on the other cheek. "Harry!" She says.

"What?" I scream back. "Why won't you kiss me? You've kissed Liam, you've kissed Niall, you've kissed Louis, and you've kissed Zayn!" Tears brim my eyes. I lower my voice to a whisper. "Why not me?"

"I kissed Liam because I was drunk, Niall kissed me, just like you were kissing me now, against my will! You made me kiss Louis in truth or dare. And zayn, I was saving his life!" She shouts. A single tear spills over my eye. Why did I do this? Why did I have to be such a jerk?

"I'm sorry." I whisper. She whips the tear away with her thumb. Then she simply asks,


"Because I really like you, and I can't stand to see you with Liam, and I thought kissing you would make you like me more than him, and" I mumble.

"Harry stop." She says "I'm really flattered you like me, but I don't feel that way about you. I think your a really nice guy and I know someday there will be a girl out there that feels that way about you. And when you meet her, hold onto her and never let her go. I promise, there will be a girl. There are probably a million or more girls out there swooning over you. One lucky girl, will get to call you hers some day." She comforts me. "I'm just not that girl." She whispers. I nod.

"Thank you." I mumble.

"for what?" she asks.

"for slaping me." i say. she laughs. I begin walking out.

"Oh and Harry?" She stops me just before I leave the door. "Don't break her heart." She says sternly.

I nod, "Ok."



I'm sorry for the massively long wait but here is something!! I know it's short and really crappy but being a grade 9 IB student leaves me with no extra time to write for you guys!!! And Finals are coming up in a month so I probably wont have much time to write for a while :(

And also I have started to completely re-write the fanfic so comment if you guys want to see what its like.

And if someone is interested in helping co-author Moments then also leave a comment below and then I'll give you more info :)

Ouuu if any of you want to follow me on twitter then my username is @rainbowlukey


Love ya- Zayn's_princess

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