Moments In Time (One Direction fan-fic)

Vipra and Zayn are madly in love and want to spend the rest of the moments in time with each other. It was like a dream come true, but dreams don't last forever. Soon problems start to stir in their relationship and the relationships of their friends. Will they be able to jump over the obstacles that are thrown at them or will the rest of their moments in time be spent alone?


8. the beach

Sarahs pov 
The car ride to the beach was a disaster. Vipra decided not to use the thing placed on top of her neck called a head. She thought it would be a good idea to go to nandos at 9:00am with the niall horan in the car. Niall begged the whole way to go there for the 'nutrition' that zayn needed for obvious reasons.
"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I REALLY WANT NANDOS! I LOVE THEM! YOU CANT KEEP US APART! WERE MENT TO BE TOGETHER!" he pouted. You see, vipra decided to buy for zayn and zayn only. She would not be buying for anyone else. And niall, having brought no money, found that rather disapointing. Everyone shock their heads as if to say no.
His eyes fell on me. 
"a friend!?" i snort "ya, a friend that gets me drunk!" his eyes fall to the floor. I went too far with that. I should've known he wasnt proud of getting drunk. I shouldnt have said anything. 
"niall, im sorry, i didnt mean it." i start causing him to turn away. I vaugly see the tears briming his eyes. "shit!" i curse under my breath. Liams grip tightens on my hand. I look up to his sympathetic, caring eyes. He offers me a reasuring smile, which i accept with a weak one. 
"niall, i-" i start again. He turns even more.
"give him space." liam whispers in my ear. His breath send a shiver down my back. The things this boy does to me. 
We finally arrive at the beach after a long, awkward, silent car ride. I hop out of the van and attempt to find an open spot on the very crowded beach. I eventually find a spot not far off the shore line, and next to the fry place. After setting up our spot. We all make a B-line to the water. Me and liam head right in where as vipra and zayn sit on the edge of the dock, dangling their feet off the end. Louis and niall join us in the water but harry just stays back on the beach blanket. Not long after, maddie, our other friend whos in britian visiting her dad, arrived to join us. Shes going to live with us for a bit. In the water we start splashing around and get into a 5 way splash war.
Harrys pov
Why me? Why am i always the one that cant get the girl. Why am i labeled as the player? Why cant for once, i be the one in a happy relationship the everyone enveys? Why me? 
I wish i could be in the water splashing around with everyone. But i cant. I cant look at sarah with out wanting her so badly to be mine. I cant face liam knowing he is what standing between me and sarah. I cant see them together with out breaking down. 
Who am i kidding? I just met her. I cant fall in love that fast. Plus, shes liams! Direction code, remember?  But the way she looks in that mint green bikini. Shes so beautiful. 
I should stop thinking like this. NO! I need to stop think like this. 
But...i cant.
Vipras pov
The water is so beautiful. So still and calm. Flowing in one way. Always going how you want. Nothing like life. Nothing goes right in life. Even when you think its all figured out it never is.
"zayn?" i ask quietly. Hopping he wont hear so dont have to tell him.
"yes love." he peers down at me. I look deep in his eyes trying to find something to tell me to forget.
"i-i-im leaving." i say with tears in my eyes.
"w-what do y-you mean?" he asks. I know hes trying to be strong but this is going to be hard.
"i-im leaving." i say.
"are you leaving me?" he asks as one single tear spills over.
"NO! I would never leave you." i reasure him. "but i am leaving here. I got accepted into the university i applied for." i whip away the tear.
"oh, thats great!" he smiles and i frown. "congra-" i cut him off,
"no. Dont congratulate me, and its not great. Zayn, the schools in the USA." 
"well you can still come home in the summer."
"no zayn i cant. Training to be a doctor is all year 'round" 
"oh..." i lean in to hug him but he refuses. He gets up to leave but looses his balance and falls in the water. Its at least 10 feet where we are and zayn cant swim.
"ZAYN!" i cry. I stand up and jump in forgetting that, i too, cant swim. I try my very best to stay up and swim to zayn at the same time. I probably swallowed 5 cups off water before the world goes black.
Sarahs pov
After the war we all decided to get out and dry off. After a couple minutes of soaking up the sun i hear a rucus at the end of the dock. I open my eyes just long enough to see zayn fall in the water and vipra stands up and jump in after him. Neither of who can swim.
"what the hell?!" i say standing up. Liam tries to grap my hand to stop me. I pull away and run to the dock. He follows me asking questions. I reach the edge to see one person face down in the water and one person struggling to stay up. Vipra and zayn.
"SHIT!" i curse for the second time today. I pry off my cover up so i can go in. 
"what are you doing?" liam questions holding me back.
"incase you havent noticed, my best friend and her boyfriend are drowning and the longer you hold me back, the more they die!" i shout at him, attempting to pull out of his tight grasp.
"and how do you plan to save them?" he asks calmly. how is he so damn calm? 
"Liam, i have been a swimmer for 11 years and i have my full life guard certification. now let me go!" he release his grip and i jump in. first i save vipra because she was the one face down, clearly not breathing. once i pull her over to the dock liam helps pull her out. everyone else has crowded around.
"give her chest compressions until i get back." i command. liam simply nods and falls to his knees to begin. i swim over to zayn and grab him. i pull his back and niall helps me get him out. i hop out after and begin compressions on zayn. i can tell he took in a lot more water then vipra.
"vipras breathing!" liam cries. i smile and then notice that zayn isnt.
"someone call 911!" i cry. i begin to do mouth to mouth. 10 compressions 3 breaths, 10 compressions 3 breaths. i hear coughing and look over to see vipra has woken up. good. until she notices zayn. she breaks down in tears and lunges towards him.
"liam hold her back!" i say. liam and niall grab each her arms. 
"why?" she screams.
"you'll get in my way." i say and continue my compressions and breaths. just then i hear blaring sirens and and see flashing lights drive onto the beach. doctors come towards me and i backed out of the way along with everyone else, clearing a path for them. they pick up zayn and put him on a stretcher. vipra tries to get away but liam and niall hold her. a different doctor approches us.
"the call said two people. whos the other?" he asks.
"ME!" vipra shouts.
"do you still need to go to the hospital?" he asks
"and the one who rescued?" he asked
"me." i say quietly.
"you need to come too." he says. i nod and take vipras hand to keep her calm. she looks up at me (considering im a fair bit taller) like a little girl about to take her first steps into her first day of school. nerves, excitment, and terror all mixed together. we step on to the ambulance and vipra breaks down crying. 
"its my fault! its all mine! why? why did i do this?" she sobs into my shoulder.
"wait, what do you mean 'its your fault'?" i ask
"i told him about L.B.U." she says. L.B.U. stands for Long Beach University. the best university for medical practice. she applied like 12 times so they would keep reading her application. 
"how is that your fault?" i really dont understand this. 
"he got up to leave because he was upset that its all year. he lost his balance and fell in. i never should have told him. this day is ruined." she sobs really loud. 
"not totally ruined." a familiar british voice says. we turn to see zayn, eyes open, breathing, sitting up on the bed.
"ZAYN!" we scream surrounding him in a hug.
"and its not your fault. i shouldnt have gotten mad. its been you dream to go to L.B.U. and i shouldnt stop you." he smiles. vipra crashes her lips on his. i turn away for their privacy and pull out my phone. 
To: Nialler, Hazza, boobear, leeyum<3, Maddie : zayn is awake and ok. they are still going to the hospital to check that everythings O.K. we should be home soon.
i sent them the update as we pulled into the hospital parking lot.
From: Leeyum<3 : good, see you soon beautiful! <3 ;)
To: Leeyum<3 : later buzz!
From: Leeyum<3 : buzz?
To: Leeyum<3 : ya, cause you have a buzz cut and you love toy story! im not stupid!
From: Leeyum<3 : ok carrot.
i understood that considering i am a red head.
To: Leeyum<3 : i gotta go do some hospitally stuff, later buzz.
From: Leeyum<3 : bye bye carrot.
the doctor came to talk to us about what happened. we all agreed on the basics its the details we struggled with. zayn claimed he got up to get a drink of water, not wanting to blame vipra. vipra said it was her fault. i said i saw him get up, fall in, and vipra go in after. the doctors said we need to agree on one story. in the end we went with mine. of course. after an hour on me sitting with either vipra, zayn, or both we got to go home.
we drove in silence. i drove, vipra and zayn sat together in the back. 
"ZAYN! VIPRA!" all but liam shouted when we walked in the door. 
"arent i feeling the love today!" i say sarcastically. 
"hey carrot." liam says greeting me with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. or at least an attempt at a hug. i push him away after the kiss.

"you really need to think of a better nickname." i tell him.
"youre not the one that almost died." lou says full of sass. 
"yes but i am the one that saved them. with out me, the could have died." i inform. everyone goes silent and looks around for something to say. all at once the scream,
"SARAH!" they surround me with a hug. except for niall. he must still be mad. i push my way out of the hug and grab his wrist. i pull him into another room.
"niall, i am so sorry for this morning. i never should have said that. i was joking around. im really, really, really sorry. please, please forgive me." i beg
"i-i-i forgive you." i breathe a sigh of relif "just please dont bring it up again. i didnt mean to get you drunk. it was an accident. and i- i dont know what i was thinking, and" he blabers on.
"niall-" i start.
"and im really sorry. i just, its hard for me to look at you with out feeling really bad. and.what if you get pregnant? i would feel so responsible for that. and" he continues.
"and i just dont want things to be awkward because you seem like a good friend, i dont want to loose you. and" why wont he stop. i need to shut him up. how? i dont even think. i dont know why, but i just smash my lips onto his. i pull away and he is completely shocked, as am i. why did i just do that. i turn to walk away. but niall pulls me back and kisses me again. 
"niall-"i push him away but he kisses me again. "niall im with liam-" i say. "please. stop. niall. STOP!" i raise my voice. he continues kissing and i continue pushing away but hes cornered me. i shut my eyes and push harder. he resists until he gets pulled away. i practically fall to the ground. he backs away and liam, who pushed him off, runs to my side. everyone had either gathered around me or niall.
"are you ok?" he asks. i nod
"ya..." i say quietly. 
"are you sure?" hes so caring. why did i have to go and screw this up. i kissed niall first. he wouldnt have kissed me so much if i hadnt kissed him. im so stupid.
"im so sorry." i cry in his shoulder.
"you dont need to apologize." he says. i search his eyes for any doubt in me but find none. i lean in and softly kiss him.
"what happened to 'hard to get'?" he smirks.
"its been a long day, dont expect this all the time!" i whisper. 
i guess today wasnt a total disaster. everyones ok. niall and i made up...kind of. liams not super mad at niall. vipra and zayn are alive. it worked out fine.


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