Moments In Time (One Direction fan-fic)

Vipra and Zayn are madly in love and want to spend the rest of the moments in time with each other. It was like a dream come true, but dreams don't last forever. Soon problems start to stir in their relationship and the relationships of their friends. Will they be able to jump over the obstacles that are thrown at them or will the rest of their moments in time be spent alone?


5. Meet Sarah

sarahs POV-
OMG SARAH STOP FANGIRLING! HES A NORMAL BOY! STOP FANGIRLING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! ok im good. I cant believe I just kissed liam payne! Omg! It was amazing! Pure bliss! I loved every moment of it. When we got back to Liam's flat he went and sat on the couch and Ijoined him and sat on his lap. We started kissing again. We started getting more and more intense. After about 10 minutes of non-stop snogging I pulled away for air and saw a huge smile spread across Liam's face. Ok, stop fangirling Sarah! I thought. I just laid my head on Liam's chest and started drawing circles on his stomach with my finger
"You're so beautiful!' Liam whispered into my ear. I smiled and looked down. "When you smile at the ground it aint hard tell," Liam begins singing softly in my ear.
"YOU DONT KNOW-OH-OH! YOU DONT KNOW YOURE BEAUTIFUL-U-UL! THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!!!!" I scream really loud and off key. We both laughed. Our faces were inches apart until he filled the gap, smashing his lips onto mine. I felt a smile grow on my face as I kissed back. I really liked him. He pulled away.
"Sarah, will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?" he asked. I just leaned in, kissing him again. I knew if I spoke, all that would come out would be adflergabsitomebcvhjoew, so I chose not to talk.
"I'll take that as a yes then?" he asked again.
"You can take that as a maybe later!" I say smiling. I'm playing hard to get with Liam Payne! Damn! I'm awesome!
"Are you playing hard to get?" he asks
"Maybe...!" I say, surprised that I could make out legidement words.
Liams POV-
"Maybe...! " she says smirking. After about 20 more minutes of talking, we decided to go to bed. After all it was already 11:30pm. When I got to my room I had about 20 texts from Vipra and Zayn and the rest of the boys  about where we were. I'll just get them tomorrow.
after about 1 hour of tossing and turning thinking about sarah, I still couldnt fall asleep. suddenly song lyrics popped right into my head. I sat up, turned on the light and grabed a peice of paper. I started to write the lyrics and they flowed onto the page like a river.
- Thats why I find you li-i-i-ips so kissable, and your ki-i-i-i-iss unmissable, your finger tips so touchable, and you eye-eye-eyes, irresistible.-
After that I had no trouble falling asleep.

Sarah's POV-
When I woke up all the memories of last night flooded back into my head. The park, the kissing, it all felt like a dream! I still can't believe I'm sharing a flat with Liam Payne!!!!! I went down stairs with a huge smile on my face.
"Hey beautiful!" Liam greets me. OH...MY...GOD! Stop fangirling. He's a normal boy! Ok calm down! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
"Hey!" I say coolly. He was singing a song under his breath that I didn't recognize. "What are you singing?" I ask.
"Just a song I'm working on." He says
"Well, lets hear it!"
"What?" He asks. I sigh.
"Sing me the song!" I say slowly.
"Ohhhh! Nope!" He says with a laugh.
"What?" I ask astounded.
"I want it to be a surprise!" He says still laughing.
"Liam Payne! Sing me the damn song!!" I scream.
"You gotta catch me first, love!" He says before running off. I laugh and case after him. After 10 minutes of running I finally catch him and tackle him to the ground. He hits the ground with a thud with me on top of him.
"Sing. Now." I say still on top of him.
"Will a kiss do for now?" He asks with a smirk. "At least until I'm done writing it?"
"Nope!" I say laughing at him. I'm never going to stop playing hard to get. It's gonna be hard though! "Now go get dressed! We're going to Niall's flat to hang with everyone! Hurry up!" I tell him. We both get up and I head to my 'room' and he heads to his.

Niall's POV-
We were all here except Liam. Since Vipra is here we all stay together as much as possible. My thoughts were interupted by a knock on the door.
"You don't need to knock here, babe!" I heard Liam say. Who is this new babe? "Lads!" Liam greeted us as they walked in the room.
"Hey." Louis, Harry, and Zayn mumbled, Absorbed in the Telly.
"What a welcoming greeting!" Said Sarah sarcastically. That got their attention. They all turned, dumb-founded by the new girl in the room.
"Liam, mate, where did you get a girl as pretty as her?" Harry asks with a wink. I laugh.
"This is sa-" Liam starts but is interrupted.
"I can introduce my self Liam! I'm Sarah!" She says sternly.
"Oooo a feisty one!" Harry says being the flirt that he is.
"Sarah!!" Vipra says jumping up to hug her. How does she know her? "Guys this is Sarah! My all time bestie for life!" She states "So in other words, hurt her and you die!" She says glancing at Liam. He puts his hands up as if to surrender.
"Vipra! We're not together!" She gasps and pulls her away. Once they left Harry spoke up.
"So you to aren't together?" He asks
"Yet!" Liam says "She's playing hard to get" he says with a frown.
"So what I'm hearing is she's still on the market?" Harry's says
"No!" Liam practically screams. "Don't even think about it! She's mine!" He quiets down. "Just don't" he mutters. Before directing his attention to the Telly.
Vipra's POV
"What do you mean your 'not together'?" I spit at her.
"It mean exactly what you think. He asked me to be his girlfriend and you decided to play hard to get. I'm not seeing what you don't understand." She says non-chalantly. I can't even make out words! She's been wanting this forever, so when she gets the chance she plays 'hard to get'? Unbelievable. I just laugh and brush it off.
"Whatever!" Suddenly I hear a scream for the other room.
"No!" I hear Liam scream. I look at Sarah and know we're thinking the same thing. We silently run to the door and press our ears against it. "Don't even think about it! She's mine!" He continues. I look at Sarah and she's grinning from ear to ear. He's obviously talking about her, but who else would want her? Niall's love is food, Zayn has me, Louis is with Maddie, and Harry......Oh my god! Harry wants her too! This can't be good. We squealed trying to stay quite but not really succeeding.
Harry's POV
After about 5 minutes of hushed squealing coming from the kitchen, the girls finally came out.
"Miss me?" Sarah asked sitting next to Liam. Wow she's confident! Certainly doesn't care what others think of her. When she sits down Liam puts his arm around her but she brushes it off probably making him mad! I laughed,
"Nah-ah!" She says.
"Ready to go?" Zayn asks vipra.
"Where you going?" I ask.
"Somewhere!" Replies Zayn. I laugh.
"Wait you're leaving?" Asks Sarah. Vipra nods her head. "So basically your leaving me with 4 extremely immature boys? You digging my grave here vips!" She says. We all laugh but she looks serious.
"Bye!" Calls vipra as they walk out.
Sarah's POV
Oh god! I look around to see 4 boys smirking at me.
"We're going to have fun tonight!" Screams Harry running off to the kitchen. I'm dead meat. He returns wearing only his boxers with 5 beers in his hands.
"I don't drink!" I say backing away.
"I do, I'll teach you!" Niall says taking a gulp from his beer. I skake my head and smile.
"Umm..." I say.
"Come on! One beer won't hurt!" Says louis
"No, I don't wanna get drunk." I say
"Babe, it's one beer you'll be fine." Liam says softy in my ear, giving me puppy dog eyes. He's clearly trying to seduce me...and it's working.
"Fine!" I say finally giving in.

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