Moments In Time (One Direction fan-fic)

Vipra and Zayn are madly in love and want to spend the rest of the moments in time with each other. It was like a dream come true, but dreams don't last forever. Soon problems start to stir in their relationship and the relationships of their friends. Will they be able to jump over the obstacles that are thrown at them or will the rest of their moments in time be spent alone?


3. It's Liam friggin Payne

Sarah's P.O.V-
It is like a dream come true. This is all thanks to Vipra. Now I get to spend the night in Liam Payne's house. Oh My Fucking God!
Too bad that this will all end in a matter of eight weeks. I will have to find a way to stay here. Now of course I will go raid the fridge for more food. My problem is that I get very hungry, VERY fast. All I find is a pack of bread and some cheese slices. I quickly prepare a couple of sandwiches and crash out in front of the t.v. "Man, the couch is comfy!" I think to myself as the couch engulfs me. I turn on the t.v and flip through the channels. I land on one that is showing an interview of One Direction. Liam looks sooo handsome!! The lady that is interviewing them asks Liam what his favourite fan-mail was.
" Well, about seven months ago I got this letter and a lovely story about us boys called 'Summer Love'. It was the most beautiful story I have ever read that was written by a fan. I think it was sent to me by an angel named Sarah Frizzell. Sarah, if you are listening to this I just want to thank you very much and that I love you." Liam said smiling his killer smile

"OMFG!!!! I am Sarah Frizzell and I was the one who sent that to Liam. I was about to die. Out of the millions of fan-mail he recives, he picks mine. And he said that he loves me!!!! O my god. After that i don't really remember what happen because I lost my mind. I probably did my happy dance a trillion times! This has to be the best day of my life.

Vipra's P.O.V
I was almost asleep when my phone rang. I looked at it assuming it was my mom making sure we landed ok bit it was Sarah. I sighed and answered.
"Hello?" I ask in a groggy half-asleep voice. All I heard was a high pitched, ear piercing scream.
"What the he-" I was cut off by more screaming.
"Oh my fucking god!" She took a deep breath. "I can't fucking breath! I'm in like fucking shock!! I'm fucking flipping out! Oh my fucking god!!!!!!" More screaming!
"First of all: slow down. Second: less swearing! Third: what are you talking about?" I ask still half asleep.
"Sorry go to f-ing channel 12. Actually forget it. The interviews over."
"What interview?" I ask very confused.
"The boys they were on tv! An interview. Liam was talking and-" Zayn walked in and started talking causing Sarah to stop.
"What's with the screaming, babe?" Zayn asked also half asleep. God, his sleepy voice was so sexy.
"Did Zayn Malik just call you babe?" Sarah asked whisper screaming through the phone.
"Yes," I answer Sarah "there won't be any more babe." I answer Zayn.
"OMG! Zayn just called you babe! A-and you called him babe back? Ok I am officially dreaming!" I laughed
"No you not!" Zayn left the room. "What were you telling me about an interview?" I ask.
"Oh ya. So I was watching, totally fangirling!!! When the interviewer asked Liam if he got fan-mail. And guess what he said???"
"What?" I ask, not really caring.
"Ok you remember the fanfic I wrote last summer?" She asks getting off topic. She does that a lot because she has ADHD, any ways she got off topic which is kinda anoying.
"Ya...?" I ask.
"We'll I sent it to him and he said he loved it! And...he said he loved ME!!!!!!!! On national television!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm so happy!!!" She screamed I laughed. "Liam loves me! Yes he does! He really loves me! Liam loves me!" She sang. By now it was 12:30am.
"I'm going to bed now. Bye Sarah." I say even though she's still singing. I laugh hang up the phone, crawl back into bed, and fall asleep.

Sarah's POV:
I barley slept at all last night because I couldn't stop fangirling all night and rocking out to one direction music. I woke up and kept blasting one direction while I ate. I watched some tv so I turned the music off and started watching Disney channel while stretching. I have to stretch because I'm a swimmer and I need to stay flexible. I was just finishing when I heard a key turn in the door I quickly checked my hair in my compact in my pocket. The door opened and in front of me stood the most handsome man I've ever seen.

Liam's POV:
I walked into my flat excepting it to be empty, but it wasn't. I saw a girl in front of me and at first I didn't react because I was so taken over by her beauty. The way her red hair fell perfectly over her shoulders and her hazel eyes lit up the room. Her clothes were perfect even though it was a sweat pants and a sweatshirt 2 sizes to big. After basking in her beauty for a minute I realized that she shouldn't be here.
"Who are you?" I ask trying to stay calm.
"You don't know me but were gonna be married!" She said in a very creepy voice.
"Umm..." She shook he head and steped back a bit.
"Sorry fangirl moment. Won't happen again. Umm I'm Sarah frizzell. You mentioned me in an interview."
"So you broke into my house to meet me?" I ask clearly confused.
"No! Sorry I should have introduced my self." I slowly shook my head 'yes'. "I'm Sarah frizzell, Vipra's best friend." Oh a friend of Vipra's. Zayn probably let her in.
"Oh ok! Welcome." I walk into the living room to see none other than Disney channel on the Telly. I laugh and sit down. That's when I notice a yoga may on the ground. I look at it confused and she must have noticed.
"I was stretching. I'm a swimmer! Sorry." She said grabbing it and chucking it away.
"It's ok" I say she sits down on the couch opposite of me and looks kind of uncomfortable.
"Problem?" I ask looking into her beautiful hazel eyes.
"No! just trying not to fangirl that's all!" We both laugh. Wow, her laugh is amazing. I smile at her
"Ok" I say looking back to the Telly. It took all I had not to look back at her. She was just so beautiful.
Sarah's POV:
God he was so much hotter in person. Life-size cardboard cut-outs just don't do him justice! I caught myself starring at him and quickly looked away. I was finally meeting Liam fucking Payne! I looked back only to see him looking at me. He patted the spot next to him.
"Come on!" He said smiling. I got up and walked over. I sat down next to him and he put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. I snuggled up to him. I pulled out my phone and started messing around with it. I got a call and looked at who it was from.
"It's Vipra, one sec." He nodded his head. I walked out of the room and answer the phone.
"Yes?" I ask slightly annoyed.
"Woah, what got your knickers in a twist?" She asked, I laughed.
"Well if you must know I was having a snogging session with Liam!" I lied. I could practically see her jaw drop through the phone. I bit my lip so I wouldn't laugh.
"YOU WHAT??" I burst out laughing.
"I wasn't actually! But I can't believe you fell for that!" I say catching my breath from laughing so hard.
"That was not funny!" She screamed.
"I was so and you know it!" I say still laughing.
"You are a lying little..little..." She stuttered to find a word. I know she didn't want to swear. "Lying little platypus!" That made me laugh even more.
"Platypus??" I ask through laughter.
"I couldn't think of anything better ok?!" I continued laughing. "Do you wanna come over and hear the rest of the story or not?" My laughter stopped and I became dead serious.
"Yes!" I say sternly. "I'm on my way! Oh can Liam come?" I ask hopefully.
"Why not?" She say and I squeal!
"Kay be there in 5!" I say and hang up. "Liam?"
"Ya?" He asks. Damn, it's gonna be hard to keep my hands off him for eight weeks!
"You wanna come to Zayn's for a bit?"
"Sure!" And with that we left for Zayn's!

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