Moments In Time (One Direction fan-fic)

Vipra and Zayn are madly in love and want to spend the rest of the moments in time with each other. It was like a dream come true, but dreams don't last forever. Soon problems start to stir in their relationship and the relationships of their friends. Will they be able to jump over the obstacles that are thrown at them or will the rest of their moments in time be spent alone?


1. Back in Britain

Vipra's P.O.V

It feels so good to be back here. The last time I was in Britain, I had quite a trip. Along the way I gained four brothers and found the love of my life. My home is in Ontario, Canada, but Britain is like a second home to me now. Last time I was here I was alone and I had crazy adventure, so this time I brought along my best friend Sarah, just in case. I told her I have a surprise for her, and I truly do have a surprise for her! As I step out of the airport I see a bright red Ferrari with the letter z on the hood and immediately recognized the car. As I start to walk to the car Sarah pulls my hand."Vips why are we going to the parking lot? We need to catch a cab to our hotel."

" No we don't." I kinda had to lie to her or she would have probably had a heart attack. I run to the car as Sarah just stands there staring at me. Zayn steps out of the car and opens his arms for me to fall into. I can hear my heart race as I get closer to him. I jump into his strong, yet comforting arms and hang on. I waited for this moment for over two months but now the wait was over. I was here with him, in his arms and nothing else mattered. As I pull away I notice that Sarah was standing behind me with her mouth hanging open.
" You could have told me that the ZAYN MALIK was coming to pick us up!"
"Sarah, I don't think you need an introduction but this is Zayn, my boyfriend." Sarah was about to burst with a mix of excitement and anger. She is soo jealous of me, which is usually the opposite because I am usually the jealous one.
"OMG! Vipra what else haven't you told me?"
"Let's go home and we will tell you the story."

Zayn's P.O.V -

I am so happy to see Vipra here. The past two months we have only been in touch through Skype. Now she is here, I feel alive again. She doesn't know that I have something special planned for her, but this Sarah chick might come in the way of my plans. Hopefully she would like to spend some time with the rest of the boys. The drive to the Matrix Complex is filled with a lot of "o my god's" and "I can't belive you didn't tell me 's", which I kinda expected. I mean it is not every day you get to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction. The thought makes me smirk! Vipra plants a soft kiss on my cheek which warms me up inside. I make sure the streets are clear and turn to kiss Vipra back. Vipra is very strict and cautious about my driving. Thanks to her, right now I can dive a car. I pull the car into the lot and open the door for Vipra, then Sarah. Unlike most girls, Vipra has very little luggage (mostly because everything she needs is stored away in her room in my apartment) but Sarah is the complete opposite of Vipra. I open the door and struggle to carry in all of Sarah's bags. What does she put in them? Bricks? Vips feels right at home and dives onto the couch. I try to look casual while I sit down beside Vipra and wrap my arms around her. She snuggled right up. Sarah sits across from us while tweeting from my laptop. Wait, my laptop? She is using my stuff without asking, but I don't say anything because she is Vipra's friend. She is probably tweeting; " omg. I am sitting in front of Zayn Malik, in his house tweeting from his laptop!!" It feels so good to have Vipra back here with me.

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