Free To Be Me

Okay, so this is the story of a girl who used to be different, Amelia (Aimee) she finally defied her family and became the true her, but things got so bad, for instance the bullying...
So she rejoined her stuck up, rich and utterly snobby family. Including her horrible sister Brittany, the Queen B (B standing for bitch BTW) And soon became to co Queen B of the school. Sometimes she enjoys it and totally bathes in all of the attention. But other times she misses being free.. being herself...
One day she decides to relive in the past, the time when she was free to be herself...
But nobody can know...
Not her family... not the creepy freak emo kidz...
Especially not Brittany!...
But what happens when she does?


1. One


I groaned as my eyes burned when the sun shone through the large windows at the far side of the room.  

"Wake up honey" I heard a voice say. At first I thought of my mother standing in my room wearing the same sweet smile that she used to. 

But of course it wasn't her, b 

ut one of the maids. 

My parents were almost always on buisness trips nowadays. It sorta sucked. 

I grimaced as i sat up. Wincing in pain as i must have slept in a strange position. 

It looked as if the maid was waiting for me to speak, so i just glared until she left my room. She must have been new. 

I sighed as i stood up, my neck clicking. Ow. 

The floorboards creaked as i took 6 steps towards my oversized walk-in wadrobe.  

My room was a mixture of summer colurs like rosy pink and sky blue. It was a very girly room.  

In my wadrobe, mostly all of my clothes were also pink or blue, but there was obviously other colours. All the colours were bright thpugh. Nothing was black! As my sister would kill me for wearing anything black, other than stilletos of course. 

She would always tell me "only the creepy emo kidz wear black" Although,secretly, I rather liked the colour on myself. 

I looked aroumd for a while before.picking out some sky blue short-shorts and a cute t-shirt saying, 'You the peanut butter to my jelly' and had a picture of a jar of jam and a jar of pb on it. it was cute. 

I also grabbed my black high heels, which had the sole of the shoe a nice sky blue. I smiled as I walked into the bathroom. 

I took a quick 10-minuite shower, spending most of it using extremely expensive hair products.  

When i got out, i put on the outfit I had picked out earlier and started on my hair. My hair was naturally a little wavey, but for school i would usually style it into, not so natural, beach curls. 

I spent quite a long time doing my hair and finally got onto my makeup. 

You would probably say i wore to much of the stuff, but i thought it was fine.

I raced down the stair case as the aroma of a full english breakfast hit my nose. I inhaled it freely, taking in every seperate part of the meal. 

I sat down to a plate bearing one of everyrthing when my sister walked in. 

I pouted. There went my incredibly unhealthy but gorgeous breakfast. As soon sister walkes in she said. 

"oh dear, wittle Amelia not counting her calories again. Tut tut tut. Won't be so little any more now will she?" 

She used things like this to torment me into doinf what she wants me too. 

To bee what she NEEDS me to be. 


I pushed away my breakfast and sighed. 

"Theres a good girl" she said in her melodic voice. 

I huffed and turned to walk out when Brittany called sonething to me. 

"And take the ridiculous top off" 

I sighed. 

I thought it was nice... 

Anyway. I changed into a hot pink tank top, making ot fot so it matched me and my sisters reputation perfectely. 

As i checked my iphone 4s for the time I realised I only had 10 minutes to run for the bus. 

As it was 8:10 and thevbus leaves at 8:20 ready to take us to school before 8:30.

I could ride in my sisters car to school, but nobodys allowed to know were sisters. And nobody does. Its really hard to tell anyway since we look nothing alike. 

Thats probably only because od makeup though.

"damn" I muttered as i grabbbed my designer school bag (after checking i had everything) and headed out the front door. Running to catch the bus. As i was running down the driveway, i saw Brittany driving down the road to school. 

Why did she get the car? Shes only a year older! And i'm seventeen, so im old enough to drive.


"Amelia Brookes" The teacher, Mr.Pont, called to me in form. 

"here" I sighed. "And fir the last time sir, its amiee NOT amelia..." 

I had made it very clear I didnt like being called Amelia, and yet sir still did anyway. 

I dont think he realises who my parents are. 

I rolled my eyea as a few people smirked at me. Mainly boys. Mainly Jake. Prat.

"Jake Sands" sir called, and thats when I zoned out. In my owb little zone, sketching in the back of my planner.

The bell finally rang, but nobody was in any rush to start the day of lessons, so everyone took there time. Apart from the nerds, who were out like flashes of lightning. And the emos too, trying to get lost in the crowds probably.

As one unfortunate freak with bright purple hair and a sky blue streak for a freaky frindge, was tripped up... by my foot.

"Freak" I laughed as the girl scrambled up. Looking exhausted. Poor thing...

I gathered my stufd and headed for first period, which was calculus. 

Usually, calculus was one of my best subjects, but today... today I was just out of it for some reason.

I just kept on sketching in ny planner. I could now tell it was becoming a person. I had no idea who though.

Calculus was a double lesson, so when the bell rang it was break. I leaft feeling rather guilty that I hadn't done anything.... but the teacher would just have to deal with it... 

I considered going to the nurse, but then i spotted the creepy emo kid from form, so i decided to have some fun instead.

"Yo, freak!" I shouted causing her to wince and turn to face me. "whats your name?" I asked sweetly, almoat sickly sweet.

"ermmm... Eliza..." She muttered.  

"I used to know someone called elizabeth... dunno what happened to her... she was a bitch anyway" I smiled. 

She gulped, scared, and I ratger enjoyed it.

"Why are you talking to me?" She said, obviously confused. Poor thing.

"So you realise what a freak you are" I pushed her against the locker. "And that you even BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS ME! I'd make your life LIVING HELL!" I laughed, letting her go. "Run along to the fellow freaks, freak"

She ran off, and i thought i saw her crying, and i felt a stred of... guilt? 

I shook it off. Its supose to make me happy, not guilty.

I held my head held high, proud, as i walked towards the door leadig to the spot my group hung out in at break. 

I pushed open the doors to the comon room, which only we had acess to.

"Hey Amz!" was heard from a chorus of people as I ebteted, sitribf next to Brit.

"How are you babe?" IT asked. 


"Whats it you, Jake" god he is such a prat. 

He simply shrugged causing me to glare at his perfectly tossled hair.

Let me introduce you to Jake Sands..  

. the biggest player in school, alsovthe biggest PRAT!

We just sat around having converaations, or on our phones, like I was.

"Hey guys, party on sat" I smiled. "At jamies..." 

Jamie is the guy my sister used to have a crush on... Probably still does.

"Ooooo goody" Brittany said, clapping before the bell rang. Signalling that we had to make our way to third period.

I relutantly stood up walkinf to french class. I was sort of dreading a whole hour of french, so i decided i'd ditch it.

I smiled walking toward Miss. Canterns office. Unlike Mr. Pont, she new who my parents were... so she sort of did what ever I asked.

"Oh hello Amiee" She smiled at me, fake, of course. "Do you need a lesson pass?" Again with the fake smiling. 

"Yes" I simply said. No smile. Since I believe you shouldnt smile unless its real and you mean it.... I never smile anymore... 

She handed me a lesson pass and I left.

I headed towards the back door to the small clearing surronded by trees.  

I stepped out there and went to sit on the bench. Inhaling the fresh air. 

It was nice ouy here. Calming. I can just think about things when I'm out here. 

I let my mind wonder, to anything that pops into my head. 

Right there, in the clearing, I let my mind wonder to my family.

My family doesn't really exist anymore. As i have probably said, everybody believes my family is perfect. 

If i act like im happy at school, that things are perfect, then people believe it. 

But my family really isn't perfect. It hasn't been in years.  

My parents are forever fighting, and thats when their home. Any other time then their away on buisness trips. Seperate ones though. Always for different buisness' though... since they own so many.  

My parents are never home, and there is no way of pleasing them.  

I know britt feels the same way, but she would never admit it. 

Me and Brittany have always tried so hard. Brittany was the only one to keep it up though. 4 years ago when I was only 13, I stopped trying to be perfect and became... different. 

An emo kid basically. My parents were.... repulsed. They sent me away, to live with my aunt. 

I went to school in my aunties town... and it wasn't easy. 

Lets just say emo kidz get a load of crap. 

After 2 years of all the crap, i couldn't deal with it. I phoned my mum and begged to come back. 

I promised I'd be more like Brittany and they agreed. And i became...this again.

I shook my head of the thoughts and decided I'd try and think of something else... but I just couldn't... 

I kept thinking about what i would wear... what music I listened too... what my hair looked like. 

God, my hair was epic. 

Black, straightened over one eye and teased, hot pink stranda running through it.

I sighed. 

I miss the feeling of being different... free.


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