Soccer Love.... -(Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I'm Bethany Lekker, I'm a soccer player and I go to Manchester High School(I’m in 10th grade but is summer(June) so I’m going to be in 11th grade) and i got a friend he's even more than that he's a brother to me Sam.

I’m six teen and my birthday is September 12…..I’m single(of course i'll never going to have a boyfriend I’m ugly)…You can say that I have a perfect live
……just because you don’t know my past….I tried to leave all my bad memories in the past and never look back again……then I meet him and everything goes down hill…..AGAIN!

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1. Surprise in Soccer Field!

Bethany’s P.O.V

 10:00 a.m


(A/N: She’s wearing )


Is a normal weekend; I exit my house with my *Manchester United* ball in my hands, because I’m on my way to play soccer in my school soccer field. It took me like 20 minutes to arrive in the front of my school; I always come here to practice my skills and always try to get stress off over my shoulders like today, before 7:00 p.m I need to find a house because my mom and my brother are going away to a vacation for 2 months (June and July) and I’m staying here. I know how a mother can leave her daughter for vacation for 2 months that’s too much...what would I eat and how I will survive with NO money….


I already talked to my friend Sam but he couldn’t his mother and him were going to vacation like my dear mother and brother. I’m really, really but REALLY worried because I don’t have anywhere top go, I can’t handle this is too much stress….that’s the reason why I’m here right now.


Anyways something catch my eyes, a car, is weird because it’s Saturday and teachers don’t come here Saturdays, plus is summer (no class) and I NEVER EVER saw a car here even if is school time. I always come here alone even my best friend Sam didn’t come with me. I’ve being coming here for almost 1 year everyday to practice and this is the first time I saw a car Saturday morning.


I’m so bloody confused right now and a little scared I started counting the cars they are 5 cars really expensive there was a Mustang, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche and a Range Rover there wasn’t even a NOT expensive (witch is really weird). Whatever, I entered the field when suddenly I see 5 boys I never have seen in my entire life before.


I’m so furious they are playing on my field I know it sounds selfish but I can’t help it. Besides is my only time *alone* to practice my skills without people telling me what to do, I got a reason to be selfish right?

All I’m thinking is PERFECT NOW I CAN’T PRACTICE …..UGH!


I brought my in my Hollister bag, my pink and black Adidas cleats (witch I love them I looove pink), a light pink tank top, pink knee high soccer socks, pink and black shin guards and my black Lycra short. I know I looooove PINK! It sounds girly but like it!.


I didn’t bring normal clothes because in the school they have a gym and inside the gym they have showers that you can use. So I take a shower and put the clothes that I used to come here. I took my bag and opened and get out my soccer close.



(A/N: Soccer Clothes )



I changed and returned to the field I look everywhere and there were the boys sitting on the benches taking a break and drinking water. I took a chance even knowing that they were going to see me but I run I didn’t care, I run with my Manchester United ball. I run I didn’t care about them I just practice my skills….


~1 Hour Later~


1 hour past by really slowly, I needed a break. The whole time they were looking at me……ok I know I took my chances to look at them is just that…..I kind of like the attention.


I’m not the kind of person who always is the center of attention or the person who gets good words of attention, you know. I need to take a brake because I’m so exhausted but is always temporally I take 5 minutes brake and I’m up to play again. So I maid my way to the other benches where the visitor’s teams sit.


“FUCK” I yelled at loud, I can tell they were all looking at me. I screamed because I forgot my water something I never forget and in the field there’s no fountain the fountains are inside the school and obviously the school is closed (summer) only the gym is opened because the school share the gym with the community, I know it sounds weird *Sharing with the Community*

Nevermimnd I’m so thirsty right now, I can go to my house is close enough and I could get there in minutes but I can’t waist my time I need to be perfect when school start.


My thought’s are interrupted when I heard some footsteps, I look up and saw a boy with light brown hair to the side (Justin Bieber Style) he just look at me and smiled. I got to admit he is cute, his smile is cute…who am I kidding



“Can I help you?” I said with a shaky voice, a little bit uncomfortable because he’s making to much eye contact, when we barely now each other and because he is a stranger and he could do something bad to me. I tried to hide because I’m blushing right now like a stupid idiot…..


“Funny I was about to ask you the same question, Can I help you, Love? You look thirsty!?” what he is mentalist to how did he now I was thirsty…..well I guess is not that hard to tell when you are playing a sport. And wait did he just called me ‘love’ WHAT? I don’t know why but I felt my cheeks burning ….I tried to skip that one.


“How do you know I’m thirsty?” I said looking at my lap he just chuckled.


“Isn’t obvious that when you run or do and sport you get thirsty?” he said, see I knew it I’m just dumb sometimes. ”Well normal people get thirsty” really that supposed to be a joke!


“Seriously, that supposed to be a joke? Because you just failed” he smiled and chuckled. He is so embarrassed you could see it in his face.


“Well, whatever do you want water?” I look at his eyes…..they are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

His eyes are so gorgeous I lov- OMG! Why am I thinking like this...focus Bethany focus…


“Well yeah thanks’ I’m Bethany but you can call me Beth or Thany” I said he look at me…and I blushed again. Shit….


“I’m Louis, I like your name I’ll call you Beth and I want you to se my other friends c’mon” he said fast, witch it make him a little cute. I look where the other guys are, they are 4 more. And ‘aww’ he said he like my name……


“Of Course” I smile at him and he smile to me back, I’m following his lead, walking behind him and there’s me grinning like and idiot. This is what happen when I like a boy. Shit I’m so not presentable right now, while we are walking all the time I’m looking down all I’m seeing right now are there shoes…..then I stop I CAN’T BELIVE! The one with the curly hair got these amazing shoes that I’ve wanted so bad. They are Orange, Yellow and White, then unconsciously I gasp….they look at me like if I was a freak!


“What?” I said, then everyone laughs…ok?? “Your Shoes!” I said in astonishment and pointed to the curly haired one. So awkward right know! :/


“What? You don’t like my shoes?” he said he got too be kidding me, he obviously don’t know what I’m talking about…..he don’t know those shoes are the best sellers EVERYONE want them, this guy acts like the cleats that his wearing are normal cleats…this guy can’t play soccer if he does, then his fucking crazy!


“You GOT to be kidding me” I said sassy but in surprise mode, everyone is laughing. “Nope I’m not kidding, again WHAT?” OMG…can’t BELIEVE IT……this guy doesn’t know about soccer…I know I’ve being checking out on him...

Weird ha?


“Your shoes are the best sellers, they are expensive and AWESOME” he stood there with an embarrassed smile….


You don’t play soccer don’t you?” I said while crossing my arms, he look at me with wide eyes, while everyone is laughing…


“She got you, Styles!” Louis said with a smirk on his face and a sassy voice tone…everyone was on the floor laughing really hard….witch I couldn’t contain myself so right now I’m on my knees in the floor laughing with them God this guys are fun to be with and it’s weird cause I just meet them and they are so funny….



“Who you are to say me that, princess” he said , My mood quickly change faster than you could think, I’m so annoyed right now, he put a sarcastic tone and quote himself  when he said ‘princess’ that took me out the crap inside of my cage. I don’t like people call me that. He laughed about it and quickly I snapped back.


“First I got a name and is Bethany, Second don’t call me a ‘princess’ ‘cause I’m not a fucking slut or superficial, Third how I dare myself to say that you don’t play soccer because someone who knows about soccer put his heart on the game or practice and try to do the best, they know about every fucking kind of shoes and skills, something you don’t and how I know that cause all I saw when you were supposedly  playing you were running in front of everyone like a fucking freak trying to catch the fucking ball ,am I right?” everyone got their jaws on the floor , I think they just can’t believe what I just said, but that bitch got me out of my cage he’s taking it with the wrong person, something that I like of myself I snapped back when you never expect it….I’m not a ‘princess’ I’m a REBEL.


“OOOOOOOOO” said the one with the black hair, with his hand on his mouth..


“Okay, well guys this is Beth….”Louis said looking at me. In my mind came back the memories when he said he like my name and I blush furiously. Then I realized he was giving me a signal like to say my last name…


”Lekker” I said firmly.


“Yeah, Bethany this is Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall” he said pointing from his right to the left, received a chorus of ‘hi’s, hello’s, hay’s. “Hi” I said with a shy smile on my face…


“So I guess you’re in the School Soccer Team?” said the blond one I think hi’s name was Nail or Niall I think is Niall yeah Niall…


“Yeah, I am” I said they look at me like (.o.) look…hahahaha (A/N: Got to put the computer or laptop, upside down so you can see the face)


“Oh, so why you are here, babe oh and nice ball?” said Zayn…with a grin on his face and then he wink at me, in the corner of my eye I saw Louis giving him a death glare…OMG...What’s happening???? Did Louis like me, why would he give Zayn a death glare I don’t understand? But I kind of have and idea I wasn’t the ultimate Coke in the world but I’m going play a little….


“Excuse me but, you got to work on your technique, because I’m not going to fall just by a wink!” I said with a smile…he looked embarrassed everyone made surprise faces because of what I said, “And thanks my best friend bough it for

me for my birthday last year” they look at me with confused look’s then it come to me, ”The ball” I said moving my hands, they finally got the message, then Louis walk in front of me a give me a bottle of water….


”Here you go” he said with a smile and I blush uhhhhhhhh... I HATE IT...


“Thanks” I said and I started to drink the water, I finished the water bottle in few seconds, they look at me like if was a freak... ha-ha they are so funny….

Whatever I’m wasting my time of practice talking with boys….I know is ridiculous right?!!


“Guy’s was nice to meet you but I kind of need to practice so bye Oh and one more question are you Guy’s from this school now?” I’m so curious, I want to know  if is going to be the last time I see Louis…Uhhh AGAIN why am I thinking like thisssssssss UGHHHHHHHH!……


“Yeah, we are going to enter to 11th grade this year and we wanted to see the school earlier, then we figured out that here they have a soccer field so yah that’s basically why we are here!” said Liam with a smile plastered in his face…he is cute but not like I have a crush on him……


“Well, Welcome to Manchester High School and bye I’m of to practice” I said to them, they are kind of fun in a way, they are GREAT!


“Thanks’ and can we practice with you?” said Louis I kind of blush but thought about it for a second. I can get closer to Louis so yeah I think I can handle with that……I’m happy…for once I’m happy…


“Sure but I don’t want you to treat me like a baby ok? And you should know to that I won’t go easy on you” I said with a serious tone and face, with that a smirk appeared in Louis face…


“OK’ love we’ll play”………………………………..




2 hours passed more slowly than before and I was kind of amazingly BORED!!!!! At first they were really good but then exhaustion takes over them. This Harry guy is pathetic well all of them except Louis of course and I’m not saying it because he’s hot….God what am I thinking………….Actually now thinking about what I said about them about they being pathetic, I didn’t mean that, they not are pathetic but they need to practice more so they are not that bad like I said before!!


Whatever, I don’t have time for boys and besides that only will lead me to a heart-brake…But the real true is that Louis play awesomely! I was snapped back to reality when I heard Louis called my name.


“Beth, hey I’m getting of bored” he said, GOD! Someone finally understand me…does he really play with these people???? GOD HELPS US!!


I’ve got an idea why we don’t do a match…that will be so fun to watch


“Do you want to have a match?” Oh I just discovered his new power ‘he can read people’s minds’ whatever….


“OK’ sounds good to me and by the way, do you really play with these people?” I ask because it was too much already the guys don’t know how to control ridiculousness……FUSTRAITING!


“I know what you mean and no I don’t I just practice skills with them” he said while laughing at my comment ‘awwww’ hi’s so cute when he lau- WHAT THE HELLLLLLL NO! I can’t Bethany just focus……..the guys stop ‘playing’ and made a line as Louis indicated…..


“OK’ guys we are going to have a match and who get 5 goals win!” ‘That’s easy’ in mind said I don’t want to sound like I’m *MISS.AWESOME PLAYER* but compared to this pairs of idiot’s I kind of have to!


“The Capitan’s are Louis and Me” I said Harry give to me a look, Men I can’t stand this BITCH!


“You got a problem with that Harry” I said looking at him………


“Why you got be the Capitan?” hahahahahahaha he’s messing up with the wrong girl….


“Easy, because you can’t play soccer!” I said smiling, he was smiling and he showed me his long white and tin middle finger like if that offence me!


“Really then why Louis always choose me to be the Capitan?” he said what’s the problem with him???????? REALLY?


“I bet he never have any options” I said with smile plastered in my face! Hi’s face was upset but hello is IRRITATING, I don’t like people like that!


“OK’ whatever Louis who you choose?” I said with a desperate look in my face!


“Ladies First!” he said with a smirk plastered on his face, ‘awww’ he said ’ladies first’ I blush furiously and I hide my face with my hair. God I can’t control myself, I can’t control my blushing…….Ughhh


“Ok’ well there’s not too much to pick so….” They look at me like ‘WHAT THE HELL?’ hahaha you got to see there faces. They are so funny….!!


“Excuse me, what you just said?” said Harry with a questioning look.


“What you heard and I pick up Niall and Liam” they came to my side with a smile….


“OK’ Harry and Zayn come with me!” said Louis he keep smiling something I thought he will never do because he got the……c-h-e-a-p ones……sorry but is true….


“OK’ let’s play!” I yelled, Dude this was going to be awesome to see! :)



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