Soccer Love.... -(Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I'm Bethany Lekker, I'm a soccer player and I go to Manchester High School(I’m in 10th grade but is summer(June) so I’m going to be in 11th grade) and i got a friend he's even more than that he's a brother to me Sam.

I’m six teen and my birthday is September 12…..I’m single(of course i'll never going to have a boyfriend I’m ugly)…You can say that I have a perfect live
……just because you don’t know my past….I tried to leave all my bad memories in the past and never look back again……then I meet him and everything goes down hill…..AGAIN!

All Rights Reserved 2013


2. Match and.......


Bethany’s P.O.V


“OK’ now let’s play” I said they started playing, I’m a soccer player that’s why I practice a lot to do my best because the other girls always try to make fail, but I won’t let them…..I’m running, Louis got the easy ones so is going to be not to easy but I can handle it, Louis he is really, really good….

Right now I’m trying to get my ball from Harry’ feet he is running to his destination, he is about to kick the ball, then I got in his front and Kick the ball between his feet…..


“SHIT” he screamed, I just laughed really hard running away with my ball to the destination, when I was close I kicked the ball and it went right to the goalkeeper, Harry just got a piece of what this girl can do……


“Harry you just got BURNNNNNN!” screamed Louis, I’m happy ‘cause I never got the chance to show people what I can do or do best and besides I’ve never make myself feel like I’m the best thing in the world…Oh and we didn’t won, Me (Beth) -5 goals, Niall – 0 goals and Liam -0 goals I know I was saying before that I was going to win but, the ones that I pick ummmm they are not to good if we can  say but whatever, the ones that were with Louis didn’t make a goal ether all the goals were from Louis…..

I know crazy ha?

I decided to walk to the bench because we are going to take a break…..while I was walking and felt dizzy I felt like throwing up like really bad……suddenly I fell to the ground and after that everything went  black……



Louis P.O.V


God, she’s so beautiful and cute. She plays soccer and God she’s so good at it, she’s so beautiful we already played and we WONN! HELL YEAHH!! She looks no upset witch kind of surprise me but I think that the reason why she didn’t was upset is because all the goals were from me, Zayn or Harry didn’t make a Goal…I know crazy……..


Anyways we decided to take a break, I didn’t tell the guys that I like her because…….if I told them they would start to tease, make jokes and comments in front of her and that would be really embarrassing, inappropriate or obvious that I like her….sooo…..that’s why….


I’m looking at her while the boys are talking (making sure they didn’t see me looking at her, obvious) and she suddenly fell, she was in the floor little meters away of the bench, hahahaha lazy Beth she just fall randomly witch kind of makes her funnier….never mind I decided to go where she is.


I went over were she is and smile, I bent down and touch her left arm carefully, she’s the kind of girl who always sorpri- WHAT THE HELLL! I don’t even know her and I’m talking like that GOD……….


“Beth!” she didn’t respond, this girl is a blast to have fun with, “Beth!!” I said shaking her….OK she doesn’t wake up this is not good!! I’m too scared, I just call the guys!


“Guys come here, I think Beth fainted” the guys came where I am, I’m on the floor with Bethany in my arms….God I love this… holding her in my arms, but not like this she just ‘FAINTED’……..


“What happened?” ask Niall he’s a little scared by the look on his face and the shaky voice…


“I don’t know, she fell and I’ve tried to wake her up, but she won’t!” I’m nervous right now because, I don’t know what happened to her. I don’t know if she have and medical condition! God I’m soooooo scared right now, I don’t even know why I’m like this!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?


“Louis….how you knew she just fall?” said Zayn with a smirk on his face, God what I say now, I just look down where Beth is in my arms and I think I b-l-u-s-h-e-d…..OMG! I just BL-U-SH!


“Did you just blu-“ Harry started talking but then Liam cut- him and shit they just noticed! UGGH!


“We should take her to the hospital” said Liam he doesn't look nervous, maybe just because he want us calm down! “Yeah let’s go fast!” I said, I took her (bridal style) and I made Zayn to get Bethany’s stuff in my car. We walk out of the soccer field and went to our different cars. I put her on the back of my car and drove to the Hospital.




We finally arrived in the hospital, I found parking fast (Thank God), I took her (bridal style) again and enter the Hospital were the Emergency Room is, quickly I start looking for a nurse, I fortunately found one. I look at her and she saw me, I’m running like a freak towards were she is…..


“Excuse me, this girl just fainted I need someone NOW!” I said screaming, she quickly took the phone and called, I’m seeing three nurses and a stretcher….they took her off my arms and put her on the stretcher. They took her away, amazingly bad I felt like if they were taking something that’s mine. The nurses are running with her on the stretcher and I quickly run with them with the little strength I have, they are entering her in a room….


“I’m sorry sir, but you can’t go inside” one of the nurses told me with a serious look.


“But I got to, I-” I tried to skip her but she insists that I can’t come in; I’m tired, mad, worried and sad….


1.     Tired- because we played since this morning

2.     Mad- because why this got to happen today and why her?

3.     Worried- because I didn’t know how she was and

4.     Sad- because she doesn’t know that I love her!


“I’m sorry, but you can’t go inside, what you can do is help us answering some questions are you ok with it?” she said, honestly I don’t want to say or do anything I just want her, but if it’ll help if I answer some questions then that’s what I’m going to do, I nod in response.


“What exactly happened, why she fainted?”


“I don’t know this morning my friends and I wanted to play, so we decided to go to our school soccer field, we were playing and then she entered the field we don’t know her she started to practice and then she took a brake she didn’t have water so I told her if she wanted some she agreed and later we started a soccer match the game was about 2 hours non stop and we decided to take a brake  I was looking at her then she suddenly fall I thought she randomly fall but she didn’t wake up!” I felt something in my hand and I look at it I see a water drop, I myself am crying I knew, I knew  why I was crying but I didn’t wanted to admit it…..I…love…her……I LOVE BETHANY LEKKER!


“It’s ok” she told me putting her hand on my left shoulder, with both of my hand I take away the tears in my eyes… “It’s enough information, you can sit on the waiting room” she told me but I refused shocking my head, I don’t want to leave her even though that she wasn’t by my side.


“Please, go she’ll be fine” she said with a smile on her lips, even knowing that I don’t want to leave,

I got to.

“Ok, I’ll leave but, please inform me every time!” I said with a serious look sending a message to her that I’m not kidding….


“I promise I’ll inform you, but now go!”


“Thanks” I said with a weak smile I turn around and made my way to the waiting room, is not to far like I thought……I sat on the chair and God tiredness is taking over me, I’m trying to stay awake but I can’t I’m to tired, I fall asleep….


                             2 HOURS LATER


I felt someone shake me….uhhhh if it’s Harry I’m going to kick his balls….

I slowly opened my eyes and see a lady in a white dress, I look everywhere….


I’m in a hospital wait what am I doing in a hos- Wait I remember I wake up quickly and my tiredness go away completely…I stand up and look at the nurse whom promised me that she was going to inform me every time, she smiled and I was confused…….


“You can come in now!” she said in a happy tone, then I remember what she is talking about, I finally can see Bethany….but I got to ask her first something….


“How long I was asleep? And did someone come?” I said hopping a 1 hour and a no.


“Exactly 2 hours and no, no one hasn’t come here for her!” she said with a huge smile and I smile back…right then I see 4 boys whose faces are ridiculously known to me……Of course the boys why it took so long to them….they saw me and they finally came were I am, they tried to speak but they are breathless….hahahahahaha this was funny to watch…


“Why it took you guys so long to get here?” I said between laughs and they recovering there breathe….


“We got lost for 2 fucking hours thanks to this idiot” said Niall with an angry tone and look and well everyone is mad, God I’m dying to laugh right now.


“Hey!, I’m sorry I thought Louis took her to the other hospital” said Liam; they got to see themselves! And why would I take her to the other Hospital that Hospital is 1 hour far from here….


“Anyways did something bad happened to Bethany”, I look to my left were I thought the nurse was but she disappeared.


“Shit, yeah we can go, the nurse told me I can get in now, right then you guys came, let’s go!”

I said with a stressful tone; whatever finally I can see the love of my life.



Bethany’s P.O.V


Everything I see is dark…..dark, dark, dark. I tried to open my eyes but I’m too tired. I heard the door open and a gasp…WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! , again I tried to open my eyes but nothing…


“She’s going to be ok” a female person said I really, really want to see what is going on.


“Dude she doesn’t look fine look at her face and her lips” said a boy, I think I remember that voice I’ve heard it before and I hated…Think...Think…Think...Think…Think….HARRY! WHAT THE HELL IS HARRY DOING HERE! WELL, WHERE AM I AND WHY HE IS HERE WITH ME?!


“I know” this time I know who is talking and I didn’t even have to try to open my eyes…..

My eyes open really fast and the first thing I see is 4 morons, I think they notice because what I received was a HUGE smile from All of them including Harry witch I’m surprise and I don’t like it…….WAIT where’s Louis….I look to the left nothing…..I look to my right the first thing I see is Louis his expression change from worried to a Big smile…God I’m falling so deeply in his eyes I noticed everyone is looking at me including Louis that make me blush furiously…..this is getting awkward…..:/


“What happened?” I ask honestly I don’t know what happened all I remember is when I fall to the grass.


“You fainted” Louis said to me looking down. I felt so bad because I don’t like people to taking care of me.


“I’m sorry” I said looking down at my lap, suddenly he took my right hand and I look up to him.


“its ok” he said smiling, I didn’t know he got this sweet side…….’awwwww’ I think I love him…..but I know is something that he’s never going to tell me.


“Are you Bethany Louise Lekker” uhhhh I hate when people call me like that only my Dad use to.

I look were the man is and he is in the end of the bed while Louis is holding my right hand.


“Yes I am” he stands in my left side with a serious face, which is scaring me…..


“I’m your doctor and I got some bad news” he said I was about to faint again when he said ‘bad news’ because that always remember me when my Dad died that was the first thing the police told me, My eyes start to water but I need to stay strong. Louis squeezed my hand and look at me worried….

‘It’s ok’ I mouthed to him, he responds with a nod.


“OK, love birds I’ll be waiting outside, Luck Bethany” Harry said with a smirk on is face I feel so embarrassed right now, I don’t like to be embarrassed, sometimes I want to kill people EXPECIALY HARRY

Is ridiculous….everything is ridiculous. I just met him and I already hate him. Is totally amazing how I can hate someone so fast…..


“Ok, bitch you better shut the fuck of your mouth, if don’t want me to get off from this fucking bed and cut your fucking balls” I said with a calm voice, I think I scare him because he just left without saying a word. The boys left to, I think they want me to have my own space.

 I got to admit that my reaction surprised me…..


“I’m sorry Doctor it just….UGHH” I couldn’t express myself. It drives me crazy!


“Is ok, now I need to talk to you, Can we talk in private?” the doctor said seriously, I kind of get mad because in fine words he was saying ‘’Louis or whoever you are get your butt out of here’.

But right now what I’m thinking is I don’t have anyone right now. Louis look at me worriedly, I don’t know what to do so……he is the only one I have right now. I don’t want anyone to call my mom that will make everything worst she is capable of going punish me or leave me. Louis leaves my hand alone and got up from the chair in my left. He’s walking towards the door but I don’t want him to leave……


“Doctor, Can Louis at least stays here...Please?” I said, Louis returned with a smile plastered in his face. I smile and pat the right spot of the bed with my hands. He sat and took my right hand.


“Well of course I just thought that you wanted to be private like all my patients” I smiled, even knowing that the doctor’s face is serious.


“OK are you two boyfriend and girlfri-” “No” I awkwardly cut him out. I think I cut him too fast, I felt tense between Louis and I hands. I look in the corner of my eye and saw a disappointed Louis.

I felt so stupid right now….but why he’s feeling disappointed? DID HE LIKE M-


“Okay so I got some bad news” said the doctor I quickly squeezed Louis hands he notice and he put he’s free hand on my back and started drawing circles. I got to admit that I kind of like his concern.

The doctor took a deep breath and started talking…..


“Have you been eating your full meals?” What the HELL! of course that I eat my meals…….


“Of course I’ve been eating every day of my life” I look at him like ‘REALLY’


“Are you diabetic?” OMG……no I’m not diabetic, but one day when I was little I fainted and I went to the hospital, the doctor check me and I fainted because my blood sugar levels were low.



“Ummm, doctor I kind of have a problem, see this isn’t the first time I fainted, once when I was little I was playing soccer because I’m a soccer player and in the middle of the game I fainted before that I was shaking I thought it was the nerves so I didn’t say anything , I was in the hospital and the doctor told me that I got to eat or drinks sugar and vitamins so my blood sugar levels get stabilized” he look at the papers and then look at me really, really serious…..


“Bethany you said you are a soccer player right?” he said and I nod in answer……


“You need to eat or drink sugar before, during and after a game. Before so you get enough energy, during because you run and when you run you sweat all the liquids and after so you can stabilize the blood sugar levels so I recommend you to drink all-time Gatorade even when you’re not playing you got to drink Gatorade and eat you’re full meals” God I can’t believe this got to happen NOW!


“Ok I Will” I said in a sad tone I hate this, now I got no money how I will do that?!


“Ok, so I’ll be back in a second and then you can go!” he said and with that he goes and closed the door behind his back. I really couldn’t take this more I need it to let this mixed emotions out! I realize that Louis is by my side, I look up to him I look into his yellow-green-ish eyes I couldn’t take it anymore! I cry my heart out, he lie on the right side of the bed and I’m crying on his chest.

I need to talk to him I need to tell him why I’m like this….


“I’m sorry Louis that you got to do this for me and you’re friends too sometimes, I’m just a complete dumb ass!” I said crying, with my face buried in Louis’ chest, I don’t like when people take care of me, only my Dad used to my mom was always busy with work.


“Don’t say that you’re NOT a dumb ass” he said, rubbing my hand with his thumb.

I felt useful when he told me that.


“Sorry it’s just everyday of my life I mess up everything and when I say everything is every fucking detail of it” I said a bit calmed down. He doesn’t know anything of my past life.


“Bethany I don’t know you completely but, you’re going to be alright everything will be ok!” he smile and at me and hugged me I felt so special for him and me.


“Thanks’ but right now I don’t even have where to go so don’t say that everything will be ok” I said trying to think where I could go.


“Why?” he ask me with a weird expression. He wants me to tell him why? Shit here goes nothing…


“My mom is going to a trip to America for two months with my brother tomorrow and they kind of hate me and…….they don’t want me to be in the house for NO reason……I don’t have anywhere to go!” I said with tears in my eyes, I’m holding these feelings for too long. I needed to tell someone and I found it comfortable with Louis…..


“My mom hates me, my brother doesn’t even look at me…I’m unhappy anybody loves m-ee-e” I finally said it, I feel lonely, scared, anxious, lot of mix feelings and emotions……..


“Would you go with me?” he said, but I don’t understand what is he talking about???


“What I don’t understand, what are you talking about” I said between sobs….


“Come and live with me, I got my own home I’m always alone so you can do some company” WHAT OMG…….HE’S ASKING ME TO LIVE WITH HIM. WHAT THE HELLL….


“I-I-I Louis I don’t-t know, you’re a good person but…..I don’t know you I-”


“Well, then were you sleeping tonight?” he asks me getting up of the bed, crossing his arms and looking at me. And good question were am I going to sleep tonight.


“Well yeah I don’t know were I’m going to sleep tonight so…”


“Beth come with me I won’t rape you or anything you know that right?” he said with a laugh….

I think of it for a moment and it couldn’t be bad and anyways if something ever happens to me no one  

Will be struggling for me or loves me….right?


“Yeah, yeah, yeah….I know and ok I will go with you!” I said already calmed down and a smile. Quickly when I said ‘ok I will go with you’ his expression changed from anxious to happy.


“Ok Bethany you can go now remember what I told you” said the doctor with his head stick out from the door and then disappears, before I could thank him.


“Let’s GOOOOOO!” Louis said holding my hand….


“Wait where my stuff is? My bag, my phone FUCK!” I said fucking mad because I just faint and now I lost everything I had! He looked at me and smiled.


“Why you are smiling? I just lost my everything I’ve had!” he stood there smiling like an idiot.


“What the hell is wron-“   “I got everything, I made Zayn take your stuff to my home” I try to say everything but Louis cut- me of with a calm voice. I was about to strangle him, honestly I though I was going to die, everything I have so I can live for two months is in that bag…..


“That’s not funny ok? I almost strangle you” I said mad, before I got up from the bed something popped in my head…..Why Louis make Zayn to take my stuff to his home, if he just ask me 3 minutes ago if I wanted to live with him?......think…think…think…think…..Louis got all of this planned?’ Louis stood in the end of the bed looking me weird like ‘What Happened’?

I want to see Louis reaction when he listens, to what I’m about to say……


“Louis you’re a fast planner” I said in a shyly voice he didn’t say anything, he blushed and I chuckle about his reaction….


“C’mon let’s Goooo NOW!” he said loudly I guess is something normal for him!


I just want to have a good life that’s the only thing I want!

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