Soccer Love.... -(Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

I'm Bethany Lekker, I'm a soccer player and I go to Manchester High School(I’m in 10th grade but is summer(June) so I’m going to be in 11th grade) and i got a friend he's even more than that he's a brother to me Sam.

I’m six teen and my birthday is September 12…..I’m single(of course i'll never going to have a boyfriend I’m ugly)…You can say that I have a perfect live
……just because you don’t know my past….I tried to leave all my bad memories in the past and never look back again……then I meet him and everything goes down hill…..AGAIN!

All Rights Reserved 2013


3. Authors Note :)



Hello Browies! I was just thinking about those who love my Story well……. see I’m doing hard work on this and I would like if you spread the word about this….I will give credit if you have a story or whatever…..


You guys can Kik. Me – loove1D4everr or Tweet me – harry_styles_93


Thanks’ to Kaleigh_Tomlinson and Harry’s Hipster Boo the first fans!! Thanks’ for the comments.


 Hope you like the beginning of the story……SPREADDDDDD THE STOORRRY!! 


I love you all around the world 6,391,842,952,234,567,234,123,098,45 times…..MY Brownies!!


Take Care,





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