Valentines Day. For Stella this day suck but when a stranger acts friendly to her she begins to like it...


1. Valentines Day


Valentines day. The only day in the year I hate more than Mondays. I used to love it, but my boyfriend broke up with me week ago. Some boys are just dorks. After a while I stood up and walked to the bathroom. A quick look in the mirror told me I could use a shower. It was nice to feel the warm water hit my cold naked body. When I was done at the bathroom a walked to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Corn flakes and a cup of tea. As I opened the fridge to get some more milk a note fell down: Good morning Stella, I left early for work and won’t come back until midnight. Left some money on the counter. Love you, mom. Great, even my own mom leaves me on Valentines Day.

After breakfast I watched some movies, but after seeing Titanic three times and The Notebook twice I needed to get out of the house and get some air. I walked to Hyde Park. Not a long walk but I like it. When I walked there I felt so alone even though it was people everywhere. Weird? Nah… Probably just me, I have always been weird.  


As my stomach started to sing like a dying whale I walked decided to walk to Nandos. Nothing tasted better than a Beanie Wrap when you are hungry! I walked in and ordered. I sat down and started eating when suddenly someone dragged the chair from the opposite of me and sat down. I looked up. It was a boy with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I looked around the restaurant to see if all the tables were taken, but it was just a couple, the boy and me. Weird. Couldn’t he sit somewhere else? I took a new bite, and waited for the boy to realize that someone was sitting there. “You looked alone so I just sat down” the boy suddenly said. I looked up and he smiled. It was the most beautiful smile. He took a bite and looked at me, apparently not thinking this was awkward. “I know you think this is weird but it’s Valentines Day. Plus you looked like you needed the company!” I guessed I looked like a ghost because he added: “I can go if you want to…” he started to get up. “No, just sit down” I felt I smiled and he happily sat back down again. “I’m Niall by the way” he gave me his hand so I could shake it. “Nice to meet you Niall. I’m Stella” we both shared a smile before we took a new bite of our food. “So Stella? What brings you here?” “I was hungry” I answered and took a sip from my Pepsi. “Yeah, well I guessed you were hungry. What I mean is, why are you alone on Valentines Day?” it actually sounded like he cared. “My boyfriend ditched me a week ago. What about you?” I asked back. “Nothing really. The rest of the lads have dates and I decided to grab a bite” he looked a little sad when he said he didn’t have a date. “The lads?” I asked with a big question mark at the end. “Yeah, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry.” Wait a second. Hadn’t I heard those names before? Of course! He was in that band called One Direction! I could see in the corner of my eye that Niall understood that I had put the puzzle together. “You’re Niall!” I said, maybe a little too loud. “Yeah, I have already told you that” he blushed a little. “I mean you’re Niall from One Direction!” this time I said it with a normal voice. “Guilty” Niall said. After that we talked and laughed just like old friends would do. I really felt comfortable with him, and I didn’t even care if he was in a band or not. After what felt like minutes Niall stood up. “Thanks for the company Stella. I really hope we meet each other sometime” he started to walk away. 


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