Valentines Day. For Stella this day suck but when a stranger acts friendly to her she begins to like it...


2. Aquarium


“Niall! Wait!” I ran up to him and he looked at me with surprise. “Do you want to go to the aquarium?”  Somewhere inside me I hoped he would say yes, but a voice in my head said that this was sick. For Gods sake you had just met him! “Sure!” he smiled and I felt a bucket of happiness being washed over me. We walked and talked all the way to the aquarium. “I pay” Niall said as we came up to the ticket office. “You can’t pay! I invited you.” I said as a stubborn child. “I’m already done” he smiled and winked at me. I don’t really remember for how long we were at the aquarium but somehow we were the last one to leave. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun. “So can I walk you home?” he suddenly asks out of nowhere. I felt my cheeks burn and nodded. “I think this has to be the best Valentines Day ever!” he said and took my hand. It felt nice, holding Niall’s hand. Nothing like a romantic this-is-my-boyfriend-not-yours kind off way, but in a friendly way. Kind of like this-is-my-best-friend way. “I have too admit. This turned out to be quite fun” I smiled. “Well, this is my house.” I said with a little sad voice. I definitely didn’t want to end this now. “Oh” he sounded a bit sad too. “Perhaps we can meet up tomorrow?” I asked and saw his eyes turn into a huge smile. “Whohoo!! Here’s my number” he took out a pen from his pocket and started writing something on my arm. “Just call me when you wake up” he hugged me. We stood like that for a little while and it was nice, hugging someone and knowing that he was a friend. I suddenly felt something vibrate and realized it was his phone. “Well, I better go. The boys misses me.” He laughed a little. I had heard that laugh so many times this evening, but it never stopped to amaze me how real he sounded. You know someone laugh because they have to, but Niall laughed because it was funny. Plus his laugh was funny and made me smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow then” I kissed him on the cheek and walked inside.

I walked to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed, not realising how exhausted I actually was. I felt my eyelids slowly being closed.

Five Years later:

“Stella! Stella open up” I heard Niall knocking on the door. “Relax I’m coming!” I opened the door and Niall almost fell into my arms, giving me a giant bear hug. Niall and I had been best friends ever since we met that Valentines Day. He is always there for me and I can talk to him about everything from boys to family problems. “Happy Stella and Niall Day!” he looked like a five year old. Ever since we met Niall have always said that Valentines Day is our special friendship day. “I’m taking you somewhere special today” he handed me my jacket and we both walked out of the house. I knew that he was a loyal friend and if I could I would never have chosen someone else. And we have many years to come…     

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