This Is The Life

Julia isn't a typical pretty girl.
She doesn't wear skirts, she doesn't wear dresses. A t-shirt and a pair of skinnies woiuld be perfect.
But when she decides to visit the wonderful country of Spain, she meet mysterious Brandon.

Brandon isn't your typical boy.
He would rather sit at home reading than play football and sit on his X- Box.

The pair decide to change for each other, but they fell in love because of the way they were.


5. the day to go

Julia's mum packed the car with Julia's bags, whilst Julia herself was sitting in the car ready to drive to the airport. It was one in the morning, the flight was in two hours. It was only a five minute drive, which had its ups and downs.

Brandon, however, had left half an hour before, at half past twelve, since he lived much further away.

They both arrived nearly the same time.

Julia hugged her mum and said bye, Brandon's dad shook his son's hand and said good luck.

With a sigh of relief, both people got out of their cars and walked into the airport with their luggage.


It was nearly quarter to two, when Julia went to the check in, she placed her suitcase and purple bag on the side and it went slowly away as she checked in for her flight. When she was walking round to security, her name was called over the loudspeakers and she had to go to a security room for one of her bags.

When she got their, her purple bag was laid out on a table and a man was getting ready to open it.

"Julia Smith?" he asked.

"Yes, what is the problem?" she asked.

"Your bag seems a bit overweight for the allowed limit, I am going to have to open it and check inside."

He unzipped the bag and looked about. The weight was coming from her jumper, as it was only a small bit of weight.


Meanwhile, at another table, Brandon was chatting away to a female security guard who was telling him how he could have fitted much more stuff into his case.

"I know," he said.


"Please, you have to let me on this flight! Can you not just pretend nothing happened? Please!" Julia begged the man.

"I'm sorry, unless you have someone else with you who could take this in their bag, you are either going to have to throw it out, or not board."

Julia thought long and hard, that was her favourite jumper, and she didn't like parting with anything. Just as she was about to pick up her bags and go home, Brandon stepped in her way.

"Hi," he said to the security guard. "I'll take... my, em... girlfriend's jumper in my case, I have enough room."

Julia stood in astonishment. Girlfriend?

The guard gave the jumper to Brandon as he put it into his case.

Julia and him walked off to the security check- in.

"Why did you do that?" Julia asked.

"I like helping people," Brandon replied.

Julia smiled as she walked under the metal- detector, it didn't beep like it normally did when she had a belt on.


Brandon helped her onto the plane, and he carried her hand- luggage.

"Thank you, but I am fine, really," she insisted.

"Why would I let a pretty girl like you go by herself?" Brandon said.

Julia blushed and tried to hide herself in her jacket.

"Where are you off to anway?" Brandon asked her. "Not which country, because were on our way to Spain, but like, what place?"

"I'm staying at 'hotel increíble, which is such a cocky name! I mean, it means hotel amazing, I wouldn't call my hotel that..." Julia rambled on.

"No way!? I'm staying there too!" Brandon smiled.

They both sat beside each other, and in their heads, they were both thinking the same thing: This will be a holiday I will never ever forget.

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