This Is The Life

Julia isn't a typical pretty girl.
She doesn't wear skirts, she doesn't wear dresses. A t-shirt and a pair of skinnies woiuld be perfect.
But when she decides to visit the wonderful country of Spain, she meet mysterious Brandon.

Brandon isn't your typical boy.
He would rather sit at home reading than play football and sit on his X- Box.

The pair decide to change for each other, but they fell in love because of the way they were.


3. Packing

Julia was unbelievably excited, she had wanted to go away by herself for longer than she could remember! Whenever she had been on holiday with her family they had all wondered why she hadn't wanted to go out clubbing? Or why she had kept all wrapped up not showing even the smallest bit of flesh. Julia never wanted to answer these questions, because it was personal reasons more than social sharing reasons. She had never wanted to go clubbing because she was honestly scared. She was terrified of drunk people and people wanting her to smoke and drink. She also had the tendancy to get nervous around people. The reason that she didn't like to show any skin even whilst sunbathing was simple, she didn't think she was good enough, even though she had a perfect figure.

Julia pulled out a huge grey suitcase, a big purple bag and a smaller satchel- like handbag. She was very organised, and she decided to put all of her clothes that she was taking into her suitcase, all her books and chargers and bits into her purple bag, and then she would put her phone and her I-pod and headphones and little bits and pieces into her hand- luggage.


Brandon was far different, he had no idea what to take or what bags to take. He finally decided on a large blue suitcase his dad had found in the attic.

All he had wanted to pack was swimming trunks, a spare change of pants and a t-shirt. But his dad told him he would pack for him, so he packed lots of different t-shirts and shorts and flip- flops and swimming- trunks. All the non- clothes things he took were his I-pod and phone, a book, chargers, some headphones and some more little pieces.


Julia was trying to pack leggings and jumpers, but her mum came upstairs to find her doing this, and she had taken everything out and placed in shorts and short dresses and crop- tops and bikinis.

"Why did you do that?" Julia asked.

"You need to wear holiday clothes! You can't go about in thirty/ forty degree heat in leggings and jumpers! I am taking your suitcase and leaving it in my room!" her mum said.

"I'll just get another one then and take my stuff!" Julia shouted.

"Too bad you don't have another one!" Julia's mum said from her bedroom.


Brandon's dad had packed all of his suitcase by now, and he had packed everything Brandon didn't want.

"There you go, son, take all this and you'll be sure to have a girl!" his dad said.

"Dad?" Brandon asked.


"I don't really think I need four pairs of swimming trunks, I am only going for a week?"

"Yes, well, some might get ruined! Stop arguing with me and go and make sure your flight has been booked!"

Brandon sighed, but he went off anyway to log onto the computer.

His flight was booked, he would be leaving on Monday, three o' clock in the morning.


Julia checked her flights, she had checked nearly four times now, but she could never be too sure. Her hotel and flights were all fine, she would be flying off a week today, next Monday morning and three.


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