This Is The Life

Julia isn't a typical pretty girl.
She doesn't wear skirts, she doesn't wear dresses. A t-shirt and a pair of skinnies woiuld be perfect.
But when she decides to visit the wonderful country of Spain, she meet mysterious Brandon.

Brandon isn't your typical boy.
He would rather sit at home reading than play football and sit on his X- Box.

The pair decide to change for each other, but they fell in love because of the way they were.


1. Julia

"Three times and I will kick you!" shouted Julia to her little brother.

Julia's little brother left the door and padded back to his own bedroom to play his x-box.

Julia sat on her bed and read the last few pages of her book. It was a romantic book that she had received as a present for Christmas that year. Julia had spent only five days reading the book, as every day she came home from college she read it until she fell asleep. Julia had always enjoyed reading, she had read when she was very little and she still read when she was nearly twenty, taking time in choosing a book because she wanted to make sure she would definitely like it.

"Anna stared at the back of his head, as he left the field. I love you, she whispered," Julia read the last line of the book aloud.

She thought to herself that the author could have used a more happy ending, but the book was amazing nonetheless. Julia carefully placed the book back on her book shelf, then she stared at all the books she had. There were hundreds of books, thriller, comedy, romance, horror...

Julia's train of concentration was broken by her mum calling her downstairs. She left her room and went down.

"Julia, there you are," her mum said.

Without saying a word, Julia nodded.

"Me and your father have been thinking..." Julia's mum started. "We think you are old enough to go away by yourself?"

Julia's face lit up. She had asked to go away many times but her parents had always refused.

"But nowhere too fancy, what about Spain? Not Ibiza, because you know those places are too alive and are full of clubs," her mum said.

"I know, I don't want to go to Ibiza, I want to go to Spain," Julia said.

Julia didn't want to go a club- island. She didn't want to go out with friends on holiday to a big alive place, all Julia wanted to do was go to a quiet little village, sit by the pool and read.

"And make sure you don't get in with any boys," her dad said.

"Dad, you know me, I won't get in with any boys," Julia said.

Her dad nodded, because he knew how his daughter was different from most other girls. She didn't like going on dates, going out with friends... She didn't wear 'revealing' clothes. The outfit she had worn that was 'most revealing' was when she was at her older sister's birthday party she had on denim shorts, black tights, a strap top and a long black cardigan. But still when she was wearing that she didn't want to let a lot of people see her.


After Julia found out she was able to go on holiday, she rushed back up to her room and turned on her computer. She searched online for cheap holiday flights and places to stay in Spain.

She found three good hotels and a cheap flight for a week that day. Julia smiled to herself, she had always wanted to go away on a peaceful holiday by herself.


The hotel she had chosen was called 'hotel increíble' which Julia thought was a bit cocky since it meant: hotel amazing.

Julia was still a pretty girl, even though she didn't wear pretty girl clothes. She didn't wear dresses or skirts, she wore skinny jeans and t-shirts and jumpers. She was still very pretty though. She had blonde long hair and blue eyes, pale soft skin and red lips. Her hair was shiny and would look very nice down, but Julia always kept it tied up in a pony- tail, she really didn't let herself look good.


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