This Is The Life

Julia isn't a typical pretty girl.
She doesn't wear skirts, she doesn't wear dresses. A t-shirt and a pair of skinnies woiuld be perfect.
But when she decides to visit the wonderful country of Spain, she meet mysterious Brandon.

Brandon isn't your typical boy.
He would rather sit at home reading than play football and sit on his X- Box.

The pair decide to change for each other, but they fell in love because of the way they were.


4. Five days later

Julia was exceptionally excited. She would be going off in two days! Her mum still had her suitcase. She managed to throw a jumper into her purple bag, but it was very squishy, and the bag was getting really heavy.


Brandon had gone over to his brother's house to tell him that he was off on holiday, basically to rub it in his face since his brother had to work.

"Hey Mike," said Brandon as he entered the front door.

"Brandon! What do you want?" Mike said.

"I just wanted to tell you, that I am going on holiday! And you have to stay home and work!" Brandon laughed.

"So you came here to gloat?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, pretty much!"

"Get out then."

"No, no, please?" Brandon begged. "I need help."

"Help?" Mike asked.

"Yeah... with girls?"

Mike laughed. "You need advice on how to get a girl? Why?"

"Dad's making me try and get a girl when I'm away, but I honestly don't want too! I don't know how to talk to girls!" Brandon said.

"Okay, little brother, I'll help you, but you owe me something," Mike said.

"Like what?"

"There is this absolutely amazing alcohol that they have in Spain, brand new. This girl I met last night would love me forever if I get some, but mum and dad won't let me get any," Mike said.


"Well, your the angel child, and you are going away to Spain? Dad isn't really happy with me since I got so drunk and Lila's party last month, I haven't even talked to him... So please? Please get me some? I think its called ' gran dolor de cabeza', I don't know what that means..." Mike begged.

"I'll see, okay? They might not even have it? And they might not sell me it! Just please give me some tips!"

Mike thought for a long while, he could have some fun with this...

"Fine, fine fine! You really want to know how to please a girl? Take control! Control her, and BAM, she is yours!" Mike said.

"Thanks, I really owe you one," Brandon said as he started to leave Mike's flat.

As he shut the door, Mike sniggered to himself.

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