This Is The Life

Julia isn't a typical pretty girl.
She doesn't wear skirts, she doesn't wear dresses. A t-shirt and a pair of skinnies woiuld be perfect.
But when she decides to visit the wonderful country of Spain, she meet mysterious Brandon.

Brandon isn't your typical boy.
He would rather sit at home reading than play football and sit on his X- Box.

The pair decide to change for each other, but they fell in love because of the way they were.


2. Brandon

Brandon was twenty. He lived with his parents in their small house in Virginia. He had lived in America almost all of his life.

He wasn't a usual boy who was into sports and games, he rathered sitting home and reading, which his dad found most annoying. He always wanted Brandon to be a big football fan like he was, and he kept on buying him footballs and football strips and whatnot until Brandon finally turned round and told him he had no interest in football, or any other sport for that matter.

The only thing that pleased Brandon's dad about Brandon was that he was never getting into trouble, but he was only pleased about that for a little while. Brandon's dad had been thinking one night that every boy got into trouble at least once, except... What happens if Brandon was more like a girl? What happens if Brandon didn't like girls?

The most strange things went through Brandon's dad's head.

"Son," he said as he sat beside Brandon one day.

"Yeah?" Brandon asked.

"I was wondering... Why have you never had a girlfriend? I mean... is it just because you haven't found the right girl, or...?"

Brandon looked at his dad with a weird expression.

"Dad," he started. "I am not gay! I just haven't settled down yet!"

Brandon was very good- looking, he just didn't have enough confidence to go up to a girl and ask her out, he was far too scared. He had wavy dark hair and a defined jaw- line and his eyes were deep brown.

"Why don't you go on holiday and find a girl? Foreign girls, hmm?" Brandon's dad said.

"Seriously? Your letting me go on holiday? By myself?" Brandon smiled.

His dad nodded.


Brandon had never been happier! He wasn't going to go and meet a girl, he knew that for sure, since he was far to shy.

He went online that night and looked for holiday places. He found a nice hotel called 'hotel increíble'  and he booked it. He would be going off in less than a week.

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