One Love.

Sophia wasn't the biggest fan of You Me At Six. She was probably one of their least fans. Sure the music wasn't that bad. But she didn't get what all the fuss was about. They were a bunch of guys in a band together. You see that everyday, what made You Me At Six so special? Sophia's best friend Ivy was one of You Me At Six's biggest fans. They were all Ivy would talk about. 24/7 You Me At Six this. You Me At Six that. It did annoy Sophia sometimes but she grew to accept Ivy's love for them. Even though Sophia didn't really like them that much let alone love them. ..
. . . Until one day.


1. First meetings.


Sophia was your typical teen.  Well not really, she was different. And she liked it that way. Her hair had rainbow colored highlights in it. Her music taste was the same as most teens. She liked One Direction, Justin Bieber, Marron Five and all that stuff. But her friend Ivy loved the bands like All Time Low, You Me At Six, Sleeping With Sirens and My Chemical Romance. She half the time Sophia was called an Emo or Goth.

Sophia was daydreaming about Harry Styles while half leaning on her locker when she heard a high-pitched scream in her ear, it was Ivy.

"Oh my god!!!" Sophia looked at Ivy wondering what all the excitement was about. "Guess what?" Ivy screeched into Sophia's ear.

"What?" Sophia answered she wasn't in a mood to guess what had got Ivy all excited about. It would probably be You Me At Six related.

"I got two You Me At Six tickets! And your coming with! And the concerts tonight!" Just as Sophia had guessed You Me At Six related, but she hadn't guessed about having to come along and with that she sighed loudly before adding "Why me?" 

"Because your my best friend. You should be thanking me. Not sighing." Sophia rolled her eyes slightly.

"Fine, I'll come with. But only because your my best friend." Sophia quickly added "Thank You for getting me a You Me At Six ticket." 

"You're welcome." Ivy grinned as she said it and before anything else could be said the school bell went off. Time to go to class.



That night Sophia got changed into something comfy and warm, then getting her headphones. To try her best to block out the music. She also put in a backpack an extra jacket in case she got cold and a pair of earmuffs to put over the headphones to help block out the music even more. She wanted to try her best to not listen to music. Maybe she'd just stay in the car after sneaking away from Ivy when she wasn't looking. 

4:30 was the exact time that Ivy practically knocked down the door to get Sophia. "Time to go Soph!" She screamed around the house. It had begun the excitement for the night. Well for Ivy anyway not Sophia.

Ivy started the car before turning on the You Me At Six CD Sophia had got her like 2 years ago. Before singing along to all the songs. It was time for Sophia to put in her headphones and try to block out the music. 

By the time they got to the arena it was just after half 5. Everyone around them were all excited wearing You Me At Six t-shirts and screaming their favorite band member at the top of their voices. Sophia must have been the only one there not wearing a You Me At Six shirt. And probably the only one who didn't want to be there.


Sophia really wasn't enjoying herself and Ivy seemed to be having a blast. Not paying attention to Sophia. The concert had almost finished but the band were going to do a signing and some other things that Sophia honestly didn't care about. Now was her chance to ditch Ivy and go back to the car. Taking the car keys from Ivy's pocket and replacing them with a note she'd wrote earlier.

'Gone back to the car, will meet you there. Love Sophia x'

She squeezed past everyone moving further away from the music. She had to make a quick bathroom stop before making her way to the car. She found the bathroom easy enough but then she got lost. Everything seemed the same, plus it was dark. She was rushing around now trying to retrace her steps. Before getting completely lost. She was walking around in circles. Giving up she sat in the middle of the hall. Hoping someone would come around soon and direct her in the right direction. She half fell asleep sat on the floor. It was cold but she was exhausted. The walking around had tired her out. 

About two hours later she woke up before rubbing her eyes. She was still tired. She took her phone out her pocket to check the time.. It was out of battery. 'Just my luck' she told herself. But she didn't move she just sat there waiting for someone to come along. Someone to point her in the right direction. She heard footprints not fair away from where she was sat. She climbed to her feet and half-ran across to where the footprints were. She saw someone. She recognized him. It took her a moment to figure out where from. It was from a poster on Ivy's wall. It was Dan Flint. She walked over to him. He'd probably know where she should go. Well at least she hoped so.

"Hey. Can you please-" She started before bee interrupted by Dan.

"You can't be back here." He said to her.

"Where's here?" She asked. He seemed to frown slightly. "Where are we exactly? I'm lost." She added.

"Your backstage. Do you want me to direct you to the signings?" 

"If the signings are still going on why are back here then?" Sophia asked she was just been curious.

"The singing almost finished. I just came back here to get something." 

"And what's that?" 

"Non of your business." It was Sophia's turn to frown.

"Fine, please can you direct me to the car park as I want to leave." Sophia asked. She tried to sound polite. Although it wasn't working.

"Take a left here, then a right. Walk all the way to the bottom. Then a left, then your 7th right-" He seemed to stop talking and Sophia couldn't understand why. "I could just show you." He added.

"Or you could write it down." Sophia smiled slightly. She was sounding like a jerk again. One of Sophia's best features.

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