I am not crazy

Liza is a normal teenager. Well, until she has a car crash on her birthday. Then everything in here life suddenly changes and she is in completely new world.


2. Waking up

When I woke up my whole body hurt. Every single part. And it was horible. I didn't open my eyes, because the light was hurting them.

- Is she going to recover, doctor? - I heard my mother saying. She sounds more formal than normal.

- The young lady has hit her head serously after the crash, but I am almost certain she will recover soon. It would be a good idea to not everwhelm her. And it would be responsible if you let somebody else drive the carriage next time.

Carriage? Is this some new way is saying car?

- I will most certainly tell all the servants to never let her out of their sight.

Since when do we have servants? What was going on?

- I will leave you now, be sure to give the medication.

I heard the doctor leaving the room. What were all of them talking about? And why was my mom suddenly speaking in such sophisitcated way?

- Elizabeth, are you awake?

- You know I hate that name. Call me Liza. - I had told her that when I became a teenager and she hasn't called me Elizabeth since. Why was she doing it now?

- Why would I do such thing? Elizabeth is your name and this is how I shall call you.

Was this my mother talking? I made an effort to open my eyes. What I saw was frightening. I was not sitting in a hospital, I was in a huge room with curtains on the window and furniture older than my grandma. It looked just like on of those old castles they show in movies or the ones you can see in museums. Why was I here?

- Where am I? What is happening?

- Oh, dear, is your head hurt so badly? You can not even remember your own room?

- What are you talking about?

What did she mean my own room? This was not my own room. My room has a huge window and pink curtains. And there are posters on the wall. And the walls are painted in blue and pink with stickers all over. And my room has a huge pile of clothes which I never get the time to tidy. My room is not ... that!

- You poor creature! Can you not remember me? I am your mother and you are princess Elizabeth.

- Princess? I'm not a princess, I'm a teenager.

- I cannto indersatnd a word you are saying. Do not worry, we shall always love you. Doctor said you will recover soon enough. But, enough of that, dinner is soon to be served and you must be ready. Doctor says you need to eat.

- Mom, can't I just stay in bed and eat here?

I was really not in the mood for ... well, any type of action invloving movement.

- You certainly may not do that! You will spoil the sheets. Dinner is to eaten in the dinning room as always. Now, you come out and I will call the servant to help you get dressed.


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