I am not crazy

Liza is a normal teenager. Well, until she has a car crash on her birthday. Then everything in here life suddenly changes and she is in completely new world.


1. My birthday

The clouds. The last thing I saw before my world was crushed. Before I woke up the day after my birthday.

The day started ... well, like a completely normal one. I was sitting in my room near the window reading a book. I was on Pride and Prejudice right now. I didn't really like it, a bit cheesy for me. This is the only case when I like the movie more. Usually it's the exact opposite. My friend Mery suddenly opened the door and grabbed my attention. Elizabeth would have to wait.

- Liza, what are you doing? Oh, another one of your history books. Don't get bored? It's like an extra history lesson. - she looked at me with an annoying face and fell onto my bed.

- It has nothing to do with history lessons.

She looked at me again, this time with a bit of "I don't believe you" in her eyes.

- Ok, maybe a little, but it's a lot more interesting.

- Whatever, this is not why I came. I have something for you.

She opened her bag and pulled out a packet. She handed to me like it was the most precious thing I will ever see. Inside was a bright pink skirt. Exactly like the ones I used to put on my Barbies, only ... brighter.

- It's extra special. I knew you would like it.

- Thank you! This is great!

I normally have a no-lie policy, but she was so excited and I didn't want to ruin everything.

- Did Brian give you anything?

- Well, yeah. - I tried to sound casual. - Just a silver bracelet.

- A silver bracelet! That's amazing! I wish my boyfriend did this for me!

- I suppose the first step is actually having a boyfriend.

We both laughed. Mery was so hard to understand sometimes, but she was the best friend I ever had.

- The skirt is not the only present. I have something else for you.

- What?

- Let's get into your car and you will see.

We went downstairs to where the car was parked and guess who was there. My brother and his gang. Let's not forget Lola, his absolutely anoying girfriend.

- Charlie, may I have the car.

- We were here first, little sister.

- I don't care! I need the car! Cmon, it's my birthday!

- Your birthday? Are you five or somthing? - Lola's stupid attempt for a joke.

- What do you think dad would say?

- About not letting you use the car? I think he would be quite happy that his daughter, who DOESN'T have a license is not driving.

- True, but what if he finds out what really happened at the party last night.

This seemed to have worked, because my brother and his gang left and I had the car to myself. We were driving to the special suprise.

Then It happened. I hit the car infront of me. Suddenly, in a flash everything dissapeared. I heard Mery screaming, an ambulance. And finaly, the clouds. White, like glued to the blue sky, whish was moving with them. All at the same speed.

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