I am not crazy

Liza is a normal teenager. Well, until she has a car crash on her birthday. Then everything in here life suddenly changes and she is in completely new world.


3. Dinner

Dressing up was horrible. The corsage was so tight, I could barely breathe! And what was the point of putting so many layers of clothing? It's May! I am boiling and uncomfortable, now I realise how important my normal clothes are. I never really aprecciated having them. It was impossible to make any kind of movement is this long dress and it was impossible to go down the stairs. It just kept dangling around just infornt of my feet so I can stumble on it. Why dress? Why are you doing this?

With a million efforts, I finally managed to sit on the dinning table.

- Miss, what are you doing? - one of the servants asked me. All of them were sitting around, my mother was standing there next to me and she was looking at me like I had done something incredibly rude.

- What? It's a chair, aren't I supposed to sit on it?

- How funny of you, - my mom said with a rude voice and then she pulled me by my hand, - now stand up and wait for your father and brother who will bring the guests. Just because you had accident does not mean you gain any privileges.

- I kind of got that idea when you made me come downstairs instead of letting me stay in bed.

Everyone in the room started giving me looks and wispering. I still had no idea what was happening. All of this was like one big mistery to me. I had no idea what was I supposed to do. What was happening? Then I had to stop with the questions to myself, because my father and Charlie came into the room. Behind them Lola came in with a fat old man and a very thin old woman. I heard her calling them mother and father. After that Brian entered with what I presumed were his parents. Seeing him made my heart beat faster.

- Good evening, sir. - the servants said in very rehearsed voice. Like have been doing it for many many many times now. Then the guests sat down, which I presume was my queue to finally sit down as well.

- Catherine, - I suppose that was my mother's name. Normally everybody called her Cath and in this strange universe everybody's name was the same but just a bit more posh. - are you thinking about our proposal.

- Charles is very glad he was the one you chose. But I cannot give you his answer for now, that he insists on giving to Lilian, - was that Lola's name? - later in the evening.

All the people on the table exchanged looks, except for me, of course, cause I had no idea what were they talking about. Lola, or Lilian, smiled at Charlie and then she turned back to her plate.

Then Brian's dad spoke:

- Mister Hashire, - that was our family name. Atleast that stayed the same, I don't know if there is a posh version of Hashire. - what are your plans for Friday to Sunday?

- I had not yet had the chance to plan. Do you happen to have anything in mind?

- I wanted to ask you if you would join me for a trip. In fact you can bring your whole family. And mister Siredons, you may come too, if you wish.

- I would very much love to do that. What a lovely idea. We can have one of those trips, when we bring the families together and everyone has a wonderful time.

I suppose this would've been nice, I would get to know all the family and people and maybe find out something useful, but my mother another opinion:

- I am sure is a wonderful idea, but unfortunatly Elizabeth can't travel for now.

My dad looked suprised. A bit strange having a brain injury and your dad not knowing.

- And why is that? - lady Siredons, her eyes opened wide, can't wait to hear the gossip.

- I am afraid she has a medical condition.

This got everybody's attention. I suppose that's why my mother wispered it. Is "having a medical condition" that bad?

- What happened?

- She was traveling in the carriage this morning, when the driver lost hold of the horse and they hit another carriage. - This was not entirely true. From the conversation I heard, I think I was driving, but my mother couldn't say that, because "young ladies are not allowed to drive a carriage, unless they are some village farmer", or that was what her lecture said.

- I am so sorry to hear that. - Brian'd mother said, with compasion in her eyes. By looking at her I would say she cared more than my own parents. - Maybe we can delay the trip.

- But after that is too late. We will miss the good weather, and I have a lot of work to do after that. - Is work all my dad cares about?

- I guess I can stay home and you can go. No big deal. - first word I said from the beggining of the conversation. Like everyone else waited for me to say that.

- This is such a clever idea. Elizabeth you are a really smart girl! - my mother said and then changed the subject to something I was not listening to. It's good to know your mom always had your best interest at heart.


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