can we start it all over again (complete)

back in high school, I had a boyfriend, his name was Liam Payne, I loved him, we was only 11 but I really did love him, we was together for 3 years, until we had a row, things got heated and we ended it, this is the story about Jodie Samuals. will she ever meet Liam again? if she does will she still love him years later? will he still love her? or have they both moved on? read on to find out the story of Jodie, all the boys are included :)


10. hurt again

Jodie's point of view

that still confused me why Danielle ran off like that yesterday, Tom said he didn't know her so i dont see why she went as soon as she saw Tom, anyway, Tom was fine after the other day, it was our 6 month anniversary and Tom decided to take me out to the restaurant round the corner from where I work, we had a meal, he wanted to go in the pub, I didn't want to, coz I knew what he was like, so I told him I was going home, but Tom asked me to stay, so I did.

"so hows my l lovely babe" he slurred, yes he was drunk again, 

"im fine" I replied, Tom went to the toilet, then some bloke came over to me,

"hey can I get you a drink" he asked, he was actually sober, but before i could answer Tom came raging out,

"get your hands of my woman" he said angrily, 

"sorry mate" the man apologized,

"dont call me mate, just leave her" Tom said getting madder, 

"ok sorry" the other man replied, but then Tom grabbed a glass bottle, 

"Tom, no" I yelled grabbing the glass, he flipped and Toms hand swung backward and  hit me with the bottle, he hurt me, my face was cut, my hands were cut, everything was pouring with blood

"im so sorry babe" he said, I ran away crying, why did he do this, why did I let him, but if I leave him, he could do worse, I didn't know what to do, I ran as far as I could didn't know where to, it was near some subway, I leant against the wall, i sat down, buried my head in my hands and cried.

"Jodie" asked a very husky voice, 

"what" I sniffled, 

"are you ok" the voice replied, 

"im fine" I replied, 

"no your not, come with me" he replied, I didn't move, I hadn't looked up so I didn't know who it was, I did know I recognized it though, but I didn't know where from.

"no your not, your hands and head is cut" he said softly,

"im alright" I replied, then I felt two hands lift me up, like you would with a baby,

"put me down" I sobbed,

"no, we're going to treat you" he said, I wrapped my arms around his neck, I was to weak and to upset to argue, I looked up to see who it was, 

"Harry" I whispered,

"the one and only" he smiled, I smiled back. so he carried me to his house, i gathered anyway, 

"guys, we have a situation" Harry yelled when we got inside, all the boys came running,

"Jodie" they all yelled, worriedly and shocked,

"here Liam you take her and put her in the front while I get the first aid kit" Harry said, Liam nodded and Harry carefully passed me to Liam, I wrapped my arms around Liam, he smiled, I smiled back,

"what happened" Niall asked,

"let her sit down first Niall" Zayn soothed,

"sorry" Niall apologized, so Liam carefully put me down on the sofa, while Harry came in with the first aid kit and some towels, Harry kneeled down and dappled the towel over the cuts,

"what happened" he asked,

"well I was in the pub with Tom, Tom went toilet s he wasn't there and a fight broke out between to guys and well one of the accidently hit me" I lied, I didnt want them to know about Tom, he would kill me if he found out ide told anyone.

"oh right, we're bumping into you an awful lot lately arnt we" Louis chuckled, I laughed before whining in pain as Harry was dabbing the cuts and wrapping bandages round them, "sorry" he said, 

"its fine" I replied.


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