can we start it all over again (complete)

back in high school, I had a boyfriend, his name was Liam Payne, I loved him, we was only 11 but I really did love him, we was together for 3 years, until we had a row, things got heated and we ended it, this is the story about Jodie Samuals. will she ever meet Liam again? if she does will she still love him years later? will he still love her? or have they both moved on? read on to find out the story of Jodie, all the boys are included :)


27. has he, or hasn't he

Liam's point of view

so the boys and I was talking

"so you think Harry will ask Jodie out" Niall asked, I shrugged,

"who knows, depends if he has the guts to" Louis replied,

"and why wouldn't he" I asked,

"well, he seems to really like her, i remember when we first saw Jodie, and she talked to you, he thought she was nice looking, then when we got to know her more, he said he liked her personality aswel as her looks" Louis explained,

"oh right, awww, he probably will ask her out though if he really does like her, and im sure she'll like him to" I replied, 

"true Liam" Louis replied,

"he also said that he was scared to tell you, coz he though you'd be mad" Niall added,

"why would i be mad" I asked confused,

"coz you and Jodie go way back" Zayn stated,

"that was in the past, she got rid of me, so even if I did still like her, which I don't, she wouldn't like me, so there would be no future anyway, he's one of my best mates I could never be mad at him, he can't help who he likes" I explained,

"awwww" they all said,

"but try telling him that" Zayn said,

"I will, if he still hasn't asked her out" I replied, they nodded

and so we continued to talk about whether we think Jodie will go out with Harry or not, after half an hour they both came strolling in, hand in hand, yep, they are going out, my heart sank a little, I don't even know why, I have Danielle.

"hey guys" they greeted,

"hey" we replied,

"are you two.....uhh" Niall asked,

"yep, we are, that's what Harry wanted to tell me when we was alone" Jodie replied, my heart sank more,

"you don't mind, do you Liam" Harry asked me,

"no, why would I, if she likes you, you like her, I have Danielle and Jodie and I...well, we was in the past" I smiled,

Jodie and Harry smiled back, so long as Jodie's happy, I am to. and so longs Harry don't  hurt her, after all she still is a friend, and it same goes for her, I hope she don't break his heart, he really likes her, i think they make a cute couple to be honest.

"so are you two official" Zayn asked,

"yep" Harry said, kissing Jodie on the nose, awww that's actually fair cute

"awwwww" the others and I said, Jodie giggled, he kissed her on the lips, which made my stomach turn, and not in a good way either, I actually feel really sick, and its nothing against them both, coz they see such a cute couple, but I don't, I don't don't know what it is, that makes me feel that way, sigh, im so confused at all of this, and so they continued to talk and they told us how they got together and what happened after, im sure Harry will treat her right.

im really really really really sorry i haven't updated this is ages, I really do apologize sorry, just been really busy, with the other movella, and if you dont know what im talking about, I have a knew movella called why be a bully, so go check it out if you want, and also i've had loads of work to do for college, yeah, it sucks I know haha, anyway enjoy the chapter :)

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