can we start it all over again (complete)

back in high school, I had a boyfriend, his name was Liam Payne, I loved him, we was only 11 but I really did love him, we was together for 3 years, until we had a row, things got heated and we ended it, this is the story about Jodie Samuals. will she ever meet Liam again? if she does will she still love him years later? will he still love her? or have they both moved on? read on to find out the story of Jodie, all the boys are included :)


13. forgive and forget

still Jodie's point of view

after work I went home, I opened the door and their sat Tom, I was sighing and rolling my eyes inside, I didnt show it though.

"babe, im so sorry for what i did yesterday, and on or 6 month anniversary, I will never forgive myself, never" he replied,

"if you know you are always like that, why do you drink" I replied,

"because i think i can handle it, and plus it makes me have a good time" he said,

"well I dont have a good time, you've hurt me everytime you get drunk, everytime" I said, tears forming in my eyes, he came closer, but I stepped back,

"babe please, im so sorry, I really am" he sighed,

"but are you, you'll just keep drinking, and then ill end up getting hurt again" I sobbed,

"babe, look, ill try not to get drunk, or at least ill try not to hurt you, the last time though was an accident, i was trying to defend you from that man that asked could he buy you a drink" he explained,

"he was being nice, he even said sorry mate, but no, you didnt have it, you had to launch yourself on him and end up hurting me in the process" I sobbed again,

"im sorry, I cant control myself, you was just behind me and I accidently hit you, I was meant to hit the guy, but you tried to stop it and so you got hurt in the process" he explained, again he came closer, and again, i stepped back, he sighed,

"still, it still dont excuse you from even going to hurt someone else, especially if they had already said sorry, and did even want to start a fight in the first place" I said,

"babe, I dodnt know what else i can say, im so sorry" he replied,

"dont drink, or at least a lot" i said, he sighed,

"fine, I will, but only if you are still my girlfriend" he said,

"fine, but you have to stop getting drunk" I said sternly,

"I promise, until I can handle it, i wont get drunk" he smiled, i smiled back and he pulled me in for a hug,

"ow" I yelled,

"im sorry babe" he said,

"its fine" i sighed, when he hugged me, he touched my arm, where Harry had just cleaned it up, he hugged me gently then, I hope he keeps to his promise, for both his and my sake, mine for not getting hurt or him, so that i dont dump him, one more false move though and I will dump him, I thought to myself, and so he took me on a walk, we cleared the air, and even had a little laugh. I was still thinking of Liam though, wrong I know, but who can blame me after what Tom has done, and I felt safe and secure with him and the boys, I have to shrug it of I suppose, i have a boyfriend, Liam has a girlfriend, and she seems lovely, im glad he found someone nice like Danielle.

"can we forgive and forget" he asked, i can forgive, but NEVER forget,

"fine" I sighed and I went back to mine and he went back to his.

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