can we start it all over again (complete)

back in high school, I had a boyfriend, his name was Liam Payne, I loved him, we was only 11 but I really did love him, we was together for 3 years, until we had a row, things got heated and we ended it, this is the story about Jodie Samuals. will she ever meet Liam again? if she does will she still love him years later? will he still love her? or have they both moved on? read on to find out the story of Jodie, all the boys are included :)


15. explain

still Jodie's point of view

boy is this going to be fun, why was Liam and Danielle not near each other,

"Danielle, I thought you we're going to find that girl" Liam asked her, I looked at her,

"Liam this is her" Danielle replied, what, I was what, whats going on,

"what" Liam gasped,

"can we get out of these trees before anything else" I spoke up, they both looked down at me and we stepped out of the trees on a bench,

"so whats going on" I asked in confusion,

"hold on, how do you two know each other" Danielle asked,

"we used to go together" he spoke up,

"right, thats sorted, now why were you looking fo me" I asked,

"well I was going to explain why I went of a week ago, when i was with my nephew" Danielle spoke up,

"you mean she is the one, know...." Liam asked, Danielle nodded sadly,

"please can someone explain" I interupted,

"Tom, your boyfriend" Danielle said,

"how do you know his name" I asked, Danielle sighed

"well he's my ex, he used to well....beat me up" she explained,I sighed, oh no, so its not just with me, I gasped, he hurt Danielle to

"hold on a minute" Liam said, while gently took my arm, "there, was this Tom" he asked, pointing at the scar the glass bottle and then pointed at my head, Danielle asked "was this Tom" he asked again concerned,

"no it wasnt him, I told you there was a fight in the pub, Tom was in the toilet"  I replied,

"what how did you know about the cuts" Danielle asked Liam,

"well when it happened Harry went to get Niall some nandos, he was hungry, as per, Harry then saw her crying on the floor, he picked her up and brought her to his house, were we was all practising our vocals, we treated her.

"oh right, and are you sure Tom hasnt done this to" Danielle said, "it wouldnt surpise me if it did" Danielle added,

"no it wasnt him" I lied,

"come on, and hold on, lately you've been injured a few times, being chased, then bruises all over, is Tom beating you up" Liam asked, Danielle gasped,

"no he isnt" I said sternly, he was much to dangerous for Liam and Danielle to worry about, Danielle would know,

"you can tell us, we can help you" Danielle said softly, no, as much as ide love them to, i cant let Liam and Danielle get involved in this.

"please just tell us Jodie" Liam pleaded with his puppy eyes, the ones I always fell for all those years ago, Jodie be strong,

"he's not, alright" I said, "can we just walk around the park, or something, he's not hurt me and thats that" I sighed, Liam and Danielle looked at each other, they rolled their eyes and then sighed,

"fine, but I dont believe you" Liam replied, I shurgged and then all three of us walked around, Liam and Danielle was holding hands, I wish i could have a cute relationship like them to, Liam wouldnt hurt a fly, he cares about Danielle, if i ahdnt been so stupid years ago, that couldnt have been me, holding on his hands, he was my first love, I wish we could start it all over again.


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