can we start it all over again (complete)

back in high school, I had a boyfriend, his name was Liam Payne, I loved him, we was only 11 but I really did love him, we was together for 3 years, until we had a row, things got heated and we ended it, this is the story about Jodie Samuals. will she ever meet Liam again? if she does will she still love him years later? will he still love her? or have they both moved on? read on to find out the story of Jodie, all the boys are included :)


21. back to the hostpital

Liam's point of view

I want to open my eyes, i must have been here alng time, I now heard voices, 4 sounded like my best mates, another sounded like Jodie and her mum, I wanted to see what all the comotion was, I then heard the voices stop and the door open and then close, ow, my chest hurts, what happened, I need to know, but my eyes wouldnt open, what is happening, I kept trying with all my might, finally my eyes we're able to flutter open. my eyes opened, I saw a figure at the side of the bed, I couldnt make out who or what it was, come on eyes adjust, 

a few minutes later, they finally got back to normal, there, oh its Jodie.

"Jodie" I said in a weak voice, the figure looked up and came closer,

"Liam" she replied in a happy but croaky voice, almost like she had been crying, why, "are you ok" she added,

"im fine, but my chest hurts a little" I replied,

"im so sorry" she asked,

"what for" I asked confused,

"for bringing Tom into your lives, for letting you get hurt" she said, tears started to fall from her eyes, I took what little strength I had, I moved my hand to her cheek and brushed my hand on her cheek wiping the tear that fell, she looked up,

"its not your fault, you could have been worst than this if Louis hadnt saved you before, so dont apologise" I smiled weakly,

oh yeah, thats it, Tom was at the door and he hit me with a peice of glass, now i remember, she gently grabbed my hand and held it, what was she doing, i didnt mind, but as she did this, something in the pit of my stomach turned.

"awww Liam thanks" she smiled, we heard talking outside, she let go of my hand, that stomach turning feeling feeling went away then, and soon after the boys came in

"he's awake" Niall smiled happliy, I smiled weakly back at them, stll not having much strength, and then they all rushed

"how are you feeling now mate" Harry asked,

"im fine thanks, my chest just hurts a bit" I replied,

"thats alright, I guess" Louis spoke up

"i've just rang Danielle and she said she was busy, her only day off is in 4 days" Niall spoke up, I nodded,

"thanks mate" I replied,

"no problem, she said she was sorry she cant make it and she hopes you have a speedy recovery though"  Niall said, I nodded to say thank you, and so we talked for a while until they had to go home.

three days later

so im now home, I have to rest so all the boys are doing everything for me, which i hate,  Louis has told Danielle about everything, but she cant come and see me, sigh

when the boys had left, I decided to go to Danielle's flat,, I knew today was her only day of , she had given me spare keys to get in, and she did say visit her whenever I want, so I decided to surprise her, so I went to hers, I opened the door, I went through to the front room, and I was mortified by what i saw, I ran straight out.....................

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