love hurts

anna bels parents passed away when she was 8 and she was left with her brother what will she do when she hit her limit


2. chapter two

 A/N: hey guy would you guys plez comment and tell me if you like it or tell me how i can improve......anway heres chapter two hope you like it it will get better i promise.




i finally reached England

i was so excited 

i promised myself i would start a new life and leave the old one behind 

i finally reached what i thought was my aunts house .

i went up to the door and rang the door bell.  

a teenager with brown curly hair opened it.

Harry!? i said

o um hi love whats your name. are u a fan?

um Harry its me Annabel remember when we were little i would used to come up here sometimes on summer vacation.

 o Annabel nice to see you what brings you here.

um is Anne home.

yea shes in the kitchen. why?

i just need to talk to her.

MOM!? harry said

yes harry Anne answered 

Annabel's here.

all of a sudden there was a loud crash in the kitchen 

are u ok harry asked

yes im fine Anne said making here way to the front door

she embraced me with a hug.

hello Annabel what brings you here ?she asked

um can i talk to you in private? i asked

of course dear whats wrong ?she asked leading me to a bedroom down the hallway.

when we got into the bedroom i shut the door making sure she was the only one that heard me

well when mum and dad passed away i was left with my brother peter and dont get me wrong he was nice for the first few months then he started busing me and he would always come home drunk then i got to the point where he was doing drugs so i started saving money and i already had me stuff pack wait for a day where i reached my limit and couldn't take it anymore well that day was yesterday i couldn't take it anymore so i left got on a plane and came here i explained to her.

im so sorry .why didn't you call though? she asked

because when mum and dad passed away we lost your number i started to cry 

its ok you can stay here as  long as you like she said embracing me in a hug.

thanks i said through tears.


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