love hurts

anna bels parents passed away when she was 8 and she was left with her brother what will she do when she hit her limit


8. chapter seven

                                                                         Annabel's pov

i woke up in a dark room and i was tied to the bed

thats when it all came back to me it was was ................


                                                                    harry s pov 

harry we have to tell your mom liam said

why harry asked

because your flipping cousin couldve been kidnapped for all we know.liam said angrily

no i can handle this on my on without bring me mom into it i said

fine but we better find her liam said


                                                                            Annabel pov

ggggrrreeeyyysoon i said studdering over my words

hello annabel he said

what do u want i asked


well you cant have me

o well why not he said with a evil smirk

because i said

well thats not good enough he said coming close enough so i could smell the achol on his breath

get away i said

no he said and started kissing my neck 

get off of me i said yelling as loud as i could 

he continued and started to take my clothes off and before i new it he raped me 

i cried myself to sleep that night i had just  lost something i could never get back 




A/N sorry it was a short chapter but im not good at these kind of scenes there uncomfortable to write but it fit with story so there you hve it please like comment and fan but mostly FAN!! thanks


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