love hurts

anna bels parents passed away when she was 8 and she was left with her brother what will she do when she hit her limit


1. Chapter One

ANNABEL!!!! get down here now! i herd my brother yell from downstairs

what!? i said running down the stairs.

dont WHAT me!? he said

you could smell the achol off of his breath

well dont breathe on me i said to him ruling my eyes. 

all of a sudden i felt a sting on my cheek .he slapped me!

dont talk to me like that bitch he said

WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS !? i yelled at him ...... i don't have to deal with this i practiclly said to myself.........  im 18 im leaving this time i said it loud enough for him to hear.

fine leave i dont care about your skanky ass .

im glad you feel that way

i ran up into my room and grabbed a bag that had my clothes packed in it i had thought about leaving before but never did i was scared that he would come looking and kill me by this time i was crying . i walked out the door and headed to the airport i had been saving up money for this day since i was 8 . my mom and dad pasted away when i was 7 they got into a car accident my brother was the only thing i had left. he was 18 when the past away so he got custody of me but once they pasted away he spent his life doing drugs and getting drunk every night so i was basically raising myself from age 8 the rest of my faimly lived out of town so they didnt een care so i had nobod there for me... just me......myself......and I.

i finally reached the airport and payed for a flight to England my aunt lives in Cheshire, England

ill live with her she  hasent seen me since i was 8.

but surly she'll remember me............... right? 






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