love hurts

anna bels parents passed away when she was 8 and she was left with her brother what will she do when she hit her limit


5. chapter four

i got up and looked around the room i geuss ive ethier been sleeping or crying that  i never got to look at the room it was huge white and beautiful it was overwhelming i was use to a small bed room with barley any space to sleep let alone walk. there were two doors one was a closet and i thin the other one is a bathroom i walked over to the door i thought was the bathroom and opened and i was right it was a bathroom i striped down and got into the shower letting the hot water hit my dirty skin "are u ok in there" i heard harry yell from outside of the door " im fine" i said annoyed gosh he is so nosy sometimes i got out of the shower and put on a lose green top green is my favorite color and some shorts i put my long blond hair into a braid and put on some light make up.  i went over to the night stand got my phone and went into the living where are we going i asked the boys.

first out to eat th-

i cut him off then shopping!!! i yelled

they all stared at me

what? never seen a girl get exicted for shopping

yes just mot that exicted niall said

owell i said heading out the door

wow you are NOTHING like you were this morning liam said

i feel refreshed i replyed with a smile

your eyes sparkle when your refreshed he put finger quotations around the word refreshed 

thanks i said giggling

we got into harrys car

me and liam sat in the back back niall and zayn sat in front of us and louis was driving with harry in the passenger seat

so how are you and danielle i asked liam

we um we broke up liam said almost in tears 

im so sorry liam i didnt know i said pulling him in a hug

its ok he said

just when he said that my phone rang

it was a unknown number i answered it

{A=Annabel U=unknown person}

A: hello


A:who is this

U:you know who it is and im coming for you i wont stop till we are together.......................BEEP BEEP

i dropped the phone and started to cry

whats wrong harry asked 

i tried to talk but nothing came out

ANNABEL!! answer me!!

i still couldn't say anything

Annabel are u ok liam asked 

i shook my head no

what happened he asked

the the the phone i  said 

what about the phone he asked

the the person on it it was an unknown number and it said i wont stopp till we are together i studdered over my words

its ok we wont let any thing get you liam said hugging me and kissing my cheek.

were here lou said as we arrived at nandos

lets go im hungry niall said 


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