love hurts

anna bels parents passed away when she was 8 and she was left with her brother what will she do when she hit her limit


12. chapter 9

                                                                                               niall pov

we finally reached Harry's house we went inside and just our luck Anne was standing right inside the doorway 

"WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN! "she yelled at us then looked at Annabel...."what happened?"..."can i talk to you in private harry ?"

"yea "harry said

questions kept flying out of her mouth but i don't blame her i would have done the same thing

they both went into the kitchen which left me Liam, Louis,and Zayn in the living room and Annabel went to her room to change

"how much trouble do you think harry will get in" i asked

"i don't know mate" Louis said 

"i hope not much its all my fault " Annabel said coming from the hallway in a Hollister shirt and shorts walking into the living room and cuddling up to liam. 

well there goes my shot i thought to myself.... but maybe not

"it not your fault we shouldn't of left you" i said

"thanks Niall" she said walking over to me and giving me a hug and a peck on the cheek

my heart melted inside and i felt fireworks..... i wonder if she felt them too....... probably not liam always gets the girls 

she then  gave the rest of the guys hugs and went to bed


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                    -                                                                                   harrys pov

"what happened harry" my mom asked

"well we went to nandos and Annabel got a text saying something about  i wont stop till were together and she was scared but the boys and i thought it was a prank so we didn't think much of it then everything was fine until we got to the mall and we got surrounded by fans and lost Annabel we looked everywhere an the only reason i didn't want to tell you was because i didn't want you to worry and so we went to a hotel to call it a night then the next thing i know  liam was beating on the door to let him in i opened the door and Annabel was passed out in Liam's arms naked so i took my shirt of and put it on her then we left and now were here" i explained to her.

"ok well you made the wrong decision by not telling me but as long as you the boys and Annabel are safe that's all that matters" she said giving me a hug 

but she was still worried about Annabel i could tell by her facial expression and quite frankly so was i 

 then she got up and went to go to Annabel's room................................i think?




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