love hurts

anna bels parents passed away when she was 8 and she was left with her brother what will she do when she hit her limit


10. chapter 8

                                                                                 liams pov

i couldn't sleep so i snook out of the hotel room the reason we were sleeping in a hotel room because harry was a pussy and didnt want to tell his mom . i walked down the narrow corridor ( a corridor is a hallway) when i walked past a  room i heard somebody yelling at somebody to wake up it sounded like a guy i knocked on the door to see if everything was alright when a guy with shaggy black hair answered was him the guy the cashier described and the guy annabels brother told us about

" where is she" i yelled pushing past him 

there she was tied up and naked on a bed she had bruises all over her body

 what did you do to her i yelled

what does it look like i did to her he said

you son of a bitch i said and walked over to him punching him in the face.......  he tried to punch back but missed i punched him again this time making sure he was unconscious 

i picked her up and made my way out of the hotel room and to our hotel room

i beat on the door until harry opened it 

harry take off your shirt and put it on her i said

he took his shirt off and put it on annabel

i laid her on he bed and tried to wake her up 

her eyes finally fluttered open 


                                                                               annabels pov

where am i  i asked

in a hotel room  harry said

then all the memories came back from earlier  

um can we go home i asked

yea he said

what happened niall asked

um i dont really wanna talk about it i replied

well lets go louis said 

and we all made our way out of the hotel room


--                                                                                     nialls pov

i  have barley talked to annabel all day but the more i dont talk to her the more feelings i develop for her thats weird i know it was kiling me inside when she was gone thats whe i realized how much i liked her but i can tell that she likes liam and obviously liam likes her back but im willing to fight for her

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N: OMG guy 5 favorites i know its not alot compared to some people but it means alot to me anyway what do you all think team nianna or lianna comment what you think and dont forget to like fav and fan






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