love hurts

anna bels parents passed away when she was 8 and she was left with her brother what will she do when she hit her limit


15. chapter 10 finally!!

"hey can we talk" anne said opening up my door

"sure why not" i said groggily 

so what happened 

"um well i or we were at the mall and the boys got ambushed so i fought my way in then i saw him"


"greyson i broke up with him in 11 grade he was trying to pressure me into things i didnt want to do well at the hotel he got his way  lets just put it that way"

"o um do you want me to call the cops" she asked 

"yes" i said almost in tears

"ok i will "

and with that she left the room 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    3hrs later

                                                                              annbels pov

i woke up at three in the morning because i had a bad dream i walked into nialls room and tryed to wake him up but he wouldn't budge

so i walked into liams room and told him what happend 

"do you want to lay down in here" he asked 

i nodded 

i got into the bed and he put his arm around me it was comforting feeling that ive never felt before

i think im in love with liam and with that thought i fell asleep

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