One Direction Imagines

hii , tthis is my first one , soo please tell me if u like them , feel freee to request, som of the will not be requested not keep this in mind , thank u xoxo<3


3. Zayn Imagine for Futuer Mrs.Malik <3

today was the most horrible  day ever , ,your boss nags a lot and gives u a lot of work to do more than the other workers, u hated him. all u wanted to do was to cuddle with Zayn ,but since Zayn is on tour u cant :(, u went home ,threw your bags on the floor and went to ur room to find something u didn't expect to be there.

you found Zayn sleeping on your bed with flowers in his hands ,i guss he was waiting for u long time a go!.

u crawled beside him ,pulled the covers on top of u both , u felt his hand moving and pulling u closer to him , smiled and looked at him ,seeing his made u feel so much comfortable,

Zayn:'gosh i missed u so much zainab

you: missed u more babe, how is tour?

Zayn: good , our show got canceled so i booked the first flight to come to see your beautiful face 

you: awhh i never though i mean that much to a person

Zayn: you do mean to me a lot, i love u Zainab

you: i love u too Zayn 

u fell asleep in each other arms peacefully

sorry it took me alot 

- Nial's patato

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