One Direction Imagines

hii , tthis is my first one , soo please tell me if u like them , feel freee to request, som of the will not be requested not keep this in mind , thank u xoxo<3


14. Zayn Imagine for De'Ajah


You had a tiring day at work, you left your work late, and you were hoping to come back to your home and relax, when you entered your shared flat with Zayn, you found a table set for two, full of good smelling delicious food but unfortunely cold, you were surprised. As you walk up , you find Zayn on the couch, asleep. You go up and change quickly to (
You go downstairs to find zayn awake, he hugs you and you explain to him why you came late , " Well, wht will we do with the food?" Says Zayn. " lets order pizza?" You say, he agrees and you order pizza and watch movies, cuddling.
    A\N: my sister done this ,so thats a spcial one <3 ~Niall's potato ~my sister lol
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